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Thoughts on the Embedded Market
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Embedded computing is a great business to be in, because the world is becoming increasingly data-centric and everyone is pushing for real time access to critical data. That applies to almost every industry – manufacturing, telecommunications, the military and so on - giving our business very broad scope: there’s an almost endless array of problems looking for the solutions we can help provide. That accelerating need for real time access to data means that the embedded computing business is a very dynamic one, one in which technology is moving as rapidly as it’s moving anywhere – and our role is to bring that technology to market, enabling our customers to bring more capability to their applications. That’s an exciting – and challenging – position to be in. Best of all, we have a large, global, and talented engineering team, and we work with great partners, and they’re all focused on understanding what those technologies can do, turning them into solutions that businesses around the world can leverage.

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Rob McKeelRob McKeel is Vice President, Embedded Systems for GE Fanuc. The Embedded Systems business – which is part of GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms – serves a range of industries, including commercial, industrial, telecommunications, military/aerospace and avionics. Here, Rob talks about where the Embedded Systems business has been – and where he sees it going.

What excites you most about the Embedded Systems segment?

Packet Processors
Packet Processors
The Rise of Packet Processors
Packet processors are a distinct class of purpose-built processors that have evolved in response to constantly increasing network traffic loads. They offload packet processing from the host system, preserving the resources of the host CPU, and because their hardware is tailored for packet movement, they can perform at gigabit line rates.
White Paper
TS-MPEG4 Video Compression Application Concepts
How to leverage the MPEG-4 PMC in a distributed ISR environment potentially involving a UAV? The real-time video compression and transmission solution, with dynamic distribution control, provides the ability to adjust video quality and redirect the compressed stream in mid-flight.
Customer Success Story
Ghanghai Synchronton Radiation Facility
Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Synchrotron radiation is used in many types of research and industry to aid in analyzing structures and substances at incredible levels of miniaturization – typically, measured at less than one nanometer. Eminent among the synchrotron radiation facilities in the world is China’s Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF). SSRF turned to GE Fanuc to provide the embedded computing capability for the control systems at the heart of the facility.
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Upcoming Events, Seminars, Workshops

Where in the world is GE Fanuc? Just take a look you might be surprised to find that we will be in your neck of the woods in the very near future. Come find out what we’re up to at these upcoming events.
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April 23, 2009 Wind River Aerospace & Defense Regional Developer Conferences Huntsville, AL
April 27-30, 2009 IDEF Partnering with EMFES
Istanbul, Turkey
May 4-7, 2009 OTC'09 Offshore Technology Conference Houston, TX

VPX Reference Guide

VPX Reference GuideThe goal of VPX is to bring rugged industrial and defense computing into the era of serial switch fabric backplanes, while preserving many of the features which made VME successful. Our reference guide on VPX technology gives a thorough overview of this new technology. The guide goes into significant technical detail, including numerous drawings, figures, and explanations of the specification.

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