App Note 006 - How to set up a MMSI (EBR-1553) bus.

The MMSI (Miniature Munitions Stores Interface) or EBR-1553 data bus is a relatively simple network protocol used to share data between avionics subsystems. Unfortunately, simple mistakes and misunderstandings of bus connections often lead to system integration problems and wasted time.

The purpose of this Application Note is to provide the basic information needed to connect a MMSI network properly and how to use the Condor Engineering PMC-MMSI product on your MMSI network.

This Application Note assumes a basic knowledge of MMSI. For information on the MMSI protocol refer to the current SAE draft specification document.

Please download the following PDF document to read the entire Application Note:

Application Note 006 - Connecting the MMSI (EBR-1553) Bus