Announcing PMCGA3 - High Performance, Cost Effective Graphics Board

Radstone Technology, the world’s leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications, announces PMCGA3 the latest in Radstone’s family of rugged ‘COTS’ PMC graphics products. PMCGA3 is based on the P9 Visual Processing Unit from 3Dlabs which is more cost effective than the P10 and has lower power dissipation.  It is pin compatible with previous PMC graphics boards from Radstone, making it suitable for both new applications and technology insertion into existing programs. High performance graphics capability, combined with a range of video I/O, ensures that PMCGA3 will meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Graphics symbology can be merged with real time sensor data, providing superior situational awareness to key personnel in harsh and demanding conditions. Simon Collins, Graphics Product Manager at Radstone, said: “PMCGA3 is the natural choice in applications that are cost or power sensitive, yet need high performance graphics. It fits very well into our portfolio of products complementing the P10-based PMCGA4 which remains the leading performance PMC graphics product.” PMCGA3 builds on the long and successful relationship between Radstone and 3Dlabs and is the fourth PMC Product to use 3Dlabs devices. 3Dlabs designs graphics processors for the professional market and has been supplying leading edge devices into the Military and Aerospace market for many years. With their high-quality rendering capability, 3Dlabs graphics devices are designed into some of the world’s premier air, land and sea platforms. The Seaweed Systems X11 and OpenGL products support PMCGA3, providing reliable industry-standard Application Programmer’s Interfaces and aggressive performance. For safety-critical applications, a subset of OpenGL is available that is certifiable under RTCA DO-178B. Phil Cole, VP Sales & Marketing for Seaweed Systems said: “Radstone has consistently been first to market with COTS graphics PMCs that take full advantage of the latest 3Dlabs graphics devices. This is the main reason that the long-standing partnership between Seaweed and Radstone has been so successful. PMCGA3 is the first COTS graphics PMC to make use of the 3Dlabs’ P9 VPU and Seaweed is delighted once again to be working so closely with Radstone by providing the drivers for this product.” Radstone is committed to continuing to deliver the best possible performance levels and the most up to date graphics devices, while retaining backwards compatibility both electrically and through software. PMCGA3 is available in air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions. Pricing starts at $3560. - ends -