Announcing PMC- StarLite Radstone

Radstone Technology the world’s leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defence and aerospace applications, announces PMC-StarLite, an ultra high-speed Switched Fabric Interconnect PMC module. PMC-StarLite is designed to be an extremely high-speed, high bandwidth, board interconnect PMC aimed particularly at Radstone’s flagship digital signal processing product, G4DSP. The underlying technology of PMC-StarLite is StarGen’s StarFabric, a very high-speed serial, Switched Fabric technology that exists as a switch and PCI endpoints. “As signal processing problems become increasingly demanding of bandwidth, using many multiples of processors and boards, there needs to be a corresponding method of transferring large amounts of data between processors – both on-board and off-board” said Stuart Heptonstall, Radstone’s DSP Product Marketing Manager. Adding, “PMC–StarLite is designed to dramatically increase interboard communications bandwidth, over existing shared bus technologies.” PMC-StarLite provides a 6-port StarFabric switch with each port capable of 5Gbps peak communications, (in the form of 2.5Gbps peak transmit + 2.5Gbps peak receive duplex). The 6-port switch is connected to a StarFabric-to-PCI bridge (64 bit/66MHz) to provide a seamless connection between multiple compute nodes on the host board. Four of the six StarFabric ports are routed to the PMC front panel for front I/O or to the PMC P4 connector for rear I/O. The remaining two StarFabric ports are connected on board to the PCI-to-StarFabric bridge. For development, a front panel adapter can be fitted so that the user’s fabric network routing can be configured using standard ‘Ethernet’ (CAT-5 RJ45 terminated) cables. PMC-StarLite is available in air and conduction cooled formats and a VxWorks driver is available for use with Radstone’s G4DSP and PowerPC products.