Announcing New Additions to Bit 3's PCI and CompactPCI Expansion Unit Product Line

Bit 3 Computer Corporation announced today the addition of three new products to its growing PCI and CompactPCI Expansion Unit product line. This assortment of PCI, PMC, VME, and CompactPCI cards and enclosures provides additional PCI or CompactPCI slots to the host computer. A new 14-Slot PCI Rack-Mount enclosure allows up to 13 full-length PCI cards to be accessed by a host computer. Cabling is available in lengths up to six feet to connect the enclosure to a host card located in the host computer. The host card can be PCI, CompactPCI, PMC, or VMEbus. The industrial grade 19-inch rack-mount enclosure has two fans for cooling and a separate fan for cooling the 330 watt power supply. Voltages of 5.0V and 3.3V are supplied to each ofthe 13 PCI slots. The same PCI, CompactPCI, PMC, and VMEbus host cards use the same cabling choices to connect to a new Bit 3 CompactPCI Backplane Controller Card. This Bit 3 card is inserted into a slot of a CompactPCI Backplane from a third party of your choice. A new long-line version of Bit 3's PCI Host Card and PCI Backplane Controller Card can support a 25-foot separation between your PCI Computer and any of Bit 3's three PCI Expansion Enclosures. Choices of enclosures include the new 14-Slot Rack-Mount or 8-Slot Rack-Mount and 8-Slot Mini-Tower versions. The printed circuit cards and cables are available for purchase separately for integrators and OEM's wishing toincorporate them into their own packaging. All enclosures are UL and FCC Part A certified and comply with CE mark requirements. Pricing: Contact Bit 3 directly or your local Bit 3 distributor. Availability: Stock Bit 3 is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of computer products operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. SBS trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol of SBSE