Announcing: Models 616 Low Cost PCI-To-VMEbus Adaptor

Bit 3 Computer Corporation today announced a Model 616 Adaptor for interconnecting a PCI I/O platform to a VMEbus system. Either system can be a bus master on the other system. The memory mapped Adaptor enables the PCI I/O based platform to directly control VMEbus cards as though they were on the local PCI bus. A VMEbus processor can access memory and I/O on the PCI computer. The PCI computer can be the only processor on the VMEbus or a co-processor in a multi-processor VMEbus application. The ADAPTOR consists of two cards: a short-form factor PCI bus card and a 6U VMEbus card. The two cards are interconnected with a round EMI shielded cable available in lengths to 25 feet. Fiber-option cable in lengths to 2 kilometers is available when using Bit 3's fiber-optic interface options. The integrity of the interface between the twoAdaptor cards is maintained by parity checks on address, control, and data lines. The Model 616 has a subset of features found on the Bit 3 Model 617 PCI-VME Adaptor that has been on the marketsince 1995. The Model 616 supports PIO random read/writes using memory mapping techniques, but does not have the built-in DMA and Slave DMA features of the Bit 3 Model 617. Windows NT Support Software is available for the Model 616 for Pentium platforms. Portability of application software to UNIX workstations or different Pentium platforms using Bit 3 Adaptors is straight-forward when using Bit 3 Support Software for Sun, HP, SGI, and IBM RISC workstations. Dual Port RAM memory options are available as a daughter card that plugs into the VMEbus Adaptor card. This memory is accessible by either system and does not use the bandwidth of the other system. Dual Port RAM memory is available in six sizes: 32K, 128K, 1M, 2M, 4M, and 8M bytes. Interrupts can be exchanged between the two buses. Pricing: Contact Bit 3 directly or your Bit 3 local distributor. Availability: Stock Bit 3 is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of computer products operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBSTechnologies, Inc. SBS trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol SBSE.