Announcing: Model 2866 120M Bytes/Second VME64-VME64 Adaptor

Bit 3 Computer Corporation today announced a VME64-VME64 Adaptor which is used to interconnecttwo different VMEbus Systems. It provides up to 120M Bytes/second memory-to-memory DMA transfers. Bi-directional random access reads and writes to remote VMEbus memory are supported via memory mapping that makes the remote bus address space appear as address space on the local VMEbus. In Slave Mode DMA, a VMEbus DMA device, such as a disk controller, can transfer data through the Model 2866 directly to the other VMEbus at rates up to 40M Bytes/second. Cables are available in standard 8 or 25 foot lengths and also in custom lengths. The Model 2866 Adaptors allows multiple concurrent operations and provides eight programmable interrupts to be exchanged between systems. Eight semaphore bits are available for synchronization and serialization between the two VMEbus Systems. One of the VME-64 Adaptor Cards can function as the VMEbus system controller, thereby saving the expense of anadditional VMEbus system controller. In this mode, Round-Robin, 4-Level, PRI, and RRS arbitration can be selected. Optional Dual Port RAM SIMMS in sizes to 2M Bytes provide memory common to both buses. This option can be installed on either or both VMEbus Adaptor cards. DMA transfer rates to 120M Bytes/second are available between Dual Port RAMs. Access to Dual Port RAM memory does not use bandwidth from the other bus. Pricing: Contact Bit 3 directly or your Bit 3 local distributor. Availability: Stock Bit 3 is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of computer products operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBS Technologies, Inc. SBS trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol SBSE.