Announcing IMPCC1 Carrier Card - A Significant Boost to PowerPact

Radstone Technology, the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, embedded computer products for defense and aerospace applications, announces IMPCC1, a 3U PMC carrier card in the PowerPact™ family. Offered as a companion card to the PowerPact IMP1A processor card, IMPCC1 allows integration of multiple PMCs into a 3U CompactPCI solution. The whole of Radstone’s market-leading range of PMCs and associated drivers can be utilised with IMPCC1. These provide facilities such as Gigabit Ethernet, StarFabric, FibreChannel, Advanced Graphics, Fast Serial, MIL-STD-1553, and many more. IMPCC1 is an active card, which provides a number of benefits. Its onboard bridge chip guarantees CompactPCI signal compatibility, no matter what PMC is plugged in. This may include PMCs from third-party vendors and custom-derived boards. Compared to the use of inactive carrier cards, the integration burden can also be lessened. For inactive carriers, each PMC product fitted may potentially present a different interface chip to the system configuration routines. 3.3v/5v signalling and buffering for ‘posted memory write’ operations is also supported. Typical power dissipation is only 2W, so the total thermal profile of a PMC with IMPCC1 remains manageable, even in high temperature environments. A typical conduction cooled solution may use the IMP1A processor and three IMPCC1’s in a Radstone RT4 rugged chassis, allowing an overall deployment of four PMCs (one on IMP1A and one on each carrier). This physically compact RT4PowerPact system, complete with Power Supply Unit, is ideal for space limited applications such as those found in avionics or vetronics. Its dimensions are just 124mm (4.88”) wide, 132mm (5.2”) high and 255mm (10”) long. “IMPCC1 Carrier Card provides a significant boost to PowerPact flexibility”, said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager of Radstone's Processor Group. “With software support for the family including VxWorks, LynxOS and Green Hills INTEGRITY Operating Systems, plus Built-In-Test, along with Radstone's comprehensive system integration services, PowerPact offers our customers the perfect one-stop solution for space-constrained applications.” In addition to rear connection for conduction cooled IMPCC1 variants, full front PMC I/O connection is available on air-cooled variants. IMPCC1 is available in five ruggedization levels, enabling optimum solutions for a wide range of the most demanding applications. Pricing starts at just $1165 in single piece quantities. - ends-