AFIXM Daughter Card Enhances SBC Flexibility

More cost-effective, shorter leadtimes, saves PMC sites Billerica, MA: August 8th 2006:   Emphasizing once again the company’s leadership in developing the industry’s most flexible and widest ranging rugged embedded computing solutions for military and defense applications, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced an addition to the AFIX (Additional Flexible Interface Xtension) family of plug-on daughter cards with the AFIXM.  Designed for use with Radstone’s single board computers, the original AFIX cards, announced in April 2005, featured single/dual channel dual redundant  MIL-STD-1553 (AFIX 1553), and 8- or 16-bit SCSI and Graphics Adapter (AFIXSG).  The AFIXM features non-volatile (Flash) memory, and uses Embedded TrueFFS technology for full hard disk emulation in sizes between 512 Mbytes and 2 GBytes.  . “Customer requirements are becoming increasingly diverse,” said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager at Radstone Embedded Computing, “and the AFIX family of daughter boards reflects the diversity of those needs.  The AFIXM allows customers to add Flash memory to a single board computer, but without taking up a valuable PMC site, and so provides enhanced functional density.  It’s further evidence of Radstone’s leadership in responding to the needs of customers.” The AFIX family of daughter cards is designed to extend and enhance the functionality of Radstone single board computers by providing features that are not natively supported by the host card, and allowing systems integrators the opportunity to add features to a host card without using a PMC site. The cards are specifically designed to allow the implementation of wholly new functionality in less time and at lower cost than would otherwise be possible.  Radstone’s strategy is to not only make available ‘off the shelf’ AFIX cards such as the AFIXM, but also to use the AFIX philosophy and architecture to develop a custom response to unique customer requirements that would otherwise be expensive and time-consuming to fulfill.