Advanced Capability (ADCAP) Torpedo Upgrade Program

The MK 48 torpedo is the US navy’s premier heavyweight, submarine-launched, torpedo and is widely recognized as the world’s most capable anti-submarine weapon. ADCAP is a wire-guided, thermal torpedo launched through the submarine’s full depth and speed profile. Upgrades to the sonar, guidance and control, electrical power system and quieting technology, maximize weapon effectiveness at minimum cost. The enhanced sonar capabilities, coupled to the advanced DSP technology, improve the low Doppler target detection and search volume to over 1.6B cubic meters. Software base guidance and control enables autonomous operation, ‘fire & forget’ tactics, simultaneous target engagement and close-in attack. We support this prestigious program with rugged PowerPC and DSP-based processors for use in the MK 48 Advanced Capability torpedo upgrade program. The ADCAP program is a joint development between the naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) and Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. Our processors will enable Raytheon to take full advantage of the latest rugged COTS computer technology to achieve advances in guidance, control, speed and available memory, thereby significantly reducing the torpedo’s radiated noise spectrum. For more information concerning this program: