A New Dimension for PowerXpress: Radstone Announce On-board Fibre Channel Capability

Radstone Technology, the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, rugged VME-based computer products, announces a major enhancement to its PowerXpress PPC6 Single Board Computer. The market leading PPC6 now offers on-board Fibre Channel capability in addition to its already extensive I/O features, whilst maintaining full hardware and software compatibility with the complete PowerX range (both PowerXpress and PowerXtreme). The PowerXpress range of SBC's is specifically designed for use in high performance systems in sheltered defense environments typically found in naval, ground based and vetronics applications.  Available in two Air-Cooled Ruggedization levels the PowerXpress range offers real cost benefits resulting from its sharp focus on the sheltered COTS market, without sacrificing performance. This latest enhancement to the PPC6 offers an important extra dimension to System Developers, providing an optional Fibre Channel adapter suitable for accessing Fibre Channel fabrics in embedded systems. Copper connectivity is offered via an easily accessible front panel connector, with data transfer rates of up to 200Mbytes/sec. Combined with impressive processing power based on either a 7400 or 755 PowerPC processor, this latest feature enables the PPC6 to offer unprecedented performance levels. Typical applications include storage area networks (SAN's), imaging, network backbones and high speed low latency data acquisition systems. "The PowerXpress range is specifically targeted at applications where full military level support is essential but where the expense of a fully rugged conduction cooled board is not justified", said Richard Kirk, Product Marketing Manager of Radstone's Processor Group. "This new Fibre Channel option on the PPC6 opens up a whole new dimension of system solutions, offering high speed data transfer without using up a PMC site. This guarantees superior cost effective performance, without compromising the flexibility and upgradability of the system." In addition to the New Fibre Channel option, the PPC6 provides the same rich feature set as its predecessors in Radstone's PowerXpress family, including 10/100BaseT Ethernet, SCSI, two serial ports, keyboard, mouse and parallel port, plus support for two PMC sites. Memory options include up to 512 Mbytes of SDRAM on-board, without the need for memory extension cards, up to 80 Mbytes of FLASH and up to 2Mbytes of L2 cache depending on processor choice. Radstone's 40 plus years of experience supplying rugged embedded electronic systems makes them the supplier of choice for system integrators and defense OEM's in naval, avionics and industrial applications. -ends-