6WINDGate™ support is expanded on GE Fanuc Cavium Octeon AdvancedMCs

Paris, France and Charlottesville, VA October 26, 2007 – 6WIND (www.6wind.com), a leader in advanced embedded networking software and GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms (http://www.gefanucembedded.com/), a leader in high-performance embedded computing have validated 6WINDGate™ networking software on the GE Fanuc Telum™ NPA-3804 intelligent high-performance packet processor AdvancedMC module, allowing the provision of integrated blades for the telecom industry. The integration was successfully demonstrated at the European AdvancedTCA Summit held on September 18th & 19th 2007 in Paris. Telecom customers are now able to use this combined offering to speed up the development of IP-based Next Generation Networks for applications such as the new generation of convergent broadband solutions based on 3G/4G technologies – WiMax, WiBro, IMS - and high-performance security appliances or load balancers. 6WIND and GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms also announced that they plan to extend their collaboration on other Cavium Octeon-based boards in the future. Telecom customers will benefit from shortened time-to-market, availability of diverse form factors, breadth of communication software, and optimal performance advantages offered by the integrated blades. The Cavium Octeon-based Telum NPA-3804 is an exceptional modular package optimized to meet customers’ most challenging performance and thermal requirements with secure high-speed connectivity and complex packet processing at wire-speed performance. On top of this powerful hardware solution, 6WINDGate™ provides a scalable software architecture that makes the best use of network processor technology (multi-core management, crypto libraries, Fast Path implementation, Linux scalability) while providing a complete set of network services including routing, virtual routing, IPsec, Layer 2 (GRE, VLAN), and QoS functions for multi-Gbps applications. “6WIND is pleased to collaborate with a market leader such as GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms to provide common customers with 6WINDGate™, a full-featured, ready to use and customizable networking solution including Fast Path modules, Control Plane and Management Plane optimized for the powerful Telum NPA 340 packet processor AdvancedMC. This hardware platform is an ideal one to let our customers develop faster high performance telecom equipment & systems,” said Eric Carmès, 6WIND CEO. “Secure IP communications and multi-gigabit packet processing are growing in importance in all markets that we serve,” said Rubin Dhillon, Global Director of Communications Product Management at GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. “Validation of 6WINDGate™ software on our packet processor AdvancedMC provides our customers with a powerful, flexible, integrated hardware and software solution. These integrated blades deliver the high performance IP packet processing capabilities needed to effectively manage high traffic flow plus an exceptional breadth of communications software that will minimize time to revenue.” 6WINDGate™ Software Suites 6WINDGate™ software suites are embedded Internet Protocol (IP) software platforms for networking and security system vendors to easily build converging multi-services IP gateways meant for SOHO, SME, enterprise and ISP applications. Distributed over Linux, they incorporate the market’s first comprehensive dual-IP control plane protocols, slow path and fast path data plane modules for routing, security, QoS, mobility, IPv4-IPv6 transition, device and service management. Hardened for SoC and multi-core network processors, the 6WINDGate™ scalable software suites are validated on x86, IXP4xx and multi-core MIPS64 processor architectures. All 6WINDGate™ software suites comply with IETF, and has successfully demonstrated network-readiness on several off-the-shelf hardware reference designs. Further enquiries on 6WINDGate™ software suites and its latest release can be addressed to information@6wind.com. About 6WIND 6WIND is a leading innovator in embedded networking software for OEM licensing. The company’s software, 6WINDGate™, enables equipment and system vendors to significantly cut development time and costs, simplify network application integration and accelerate the go-to-market process of multi-services IP gateways and systems. 6WINDGate™-empowered equipment are used worldwide for advanced dual-IP interoperability, integrated network security and wireless broadband by ISP and telecommunication operators, defense and public agencies, and industrial corporations. The company is a spin-out of Thales (HO.FP) with headquarters near Paris, France with a R&D centre in Beijing, China and sales offices in Asia. For more information, please visit www.6wind.com GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Telum NPA-3804 The Telum NPA-3804 is a cost-effective, intelligent, high-performance packet processor AdvancedMC designed for secure access applications in telecom environments. This AdvancedMC has a high-end, state-of-the-art 12-core Cavium Octeon CN3850-SCP Secure Communications Processor and 512MB of high speed DDR memory allowing it to enable a wide variety of applications. The module may be used to build high-performance, modular ATCA blades when combined with the AT-AMC2 carrier and can perform the packet processing function for MicroTCA platforms. About GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a joint venture between General Electric (NYSE: GE) and FANUC LTD of Japan, is a high-performance technology company and a global provider of hardware, software, services, expertise and experience in automation and embedded computing, with products employed in virtually every industry, including manufacturing automation, defense, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare and aerospace. GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms is a worldwide company head-quartered in Charlottesville, VA, and is part of GE Enterprise Solutions. For more information, visit www.gefanuc.com 6WIND and 6WINDGate are trademarks of 6WIND S.A. Telum is a trademark of GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 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