Continuous Electronic Enhancement Program (CEEP)

Customer : General DynamicsGeneral Dynamics

CEEP is part of the overall Abrams Tank Systems Enhancement Package (SEP) upgrade and will integrate new technologies that will reduce future obsolescence issues and take advantage of improved processing and display capabilities.

The SEP upgrade includes improved processors, color and high-resolution flat panel displays, increased memory capacity and an open operating system that will allow for future technology growth.

Other upgrades include the replacement of thermal imaging techniques with a Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) sighting system. This fully integrated engagement-sighting system is designed to provide the tank commander and gunner with significantly improved day and night acquisition and engagement capabilities.

Our contribution to these added benefits is a rugged COTS PowerPC processor, graphics and communications products, enabling General Dynamics to take full advantage of the latest microprocessor and display technologies and significant performance benefits.

The new General Purpose Processor (GPP), designed to accept two on-board mezzanine modules, is able to meet the requirement in a single VME slot and will allow for improved capabilities in both crew operations and vehicle diagnostics.

The new system will also address obsolescence issues and will enable further technology insertion. As well as improving reliability and providing significant reductions in life-cycle costs, the hardware platform benefits are coupled to well-recognized COTS operating software and advanced diagnostic firmware to substantially increase operational capability, on-going and long-term support.

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