Mechanically Steered Radars


The workhorses of the radar world, mechanically steered radars, are the legacy systems that can benefit the most from in-place upgrades and modernization.  Whether generational improvements in computing power or evolutionary improvements from switching from CPU to GPU processing, GE can improve the capability and reliability of your mechanically steered radar, thus extending the service life and saving critical acquisition resources. 

Change in Legacy Systems  

The unrelenting pace of technological change actually provides unique opportunities for legacy radar systems to upgrade in place to performance levels unmatched in the system’s service life. Systems that are based on COTS or systems that can switch to COTS components can lock themselves into a clearly defined pre-planned product improvement (P3I) technology roadmap that is demanded by the acquisition reform initiatives.

The Right System for the Job  

Key to winning proposals in today’s acquisition reform environment is to not “over-engineer” the solution. Many a “gold-plated solution with all of the bells and whistles” has lost to a no-frills solution that just met the requirements. GE has the open systems architecture building blocks to help develop your winning solution no matter the level of complexity of the requirements. We have application-ready systems–ready right now–to get your solution in front of the customer and where it is needed in the theater of operations, all without having to waste harder and harder to find NRE funds.

Meeting the Requirements

Whether meeting the demanding requirements of ruggedization, thermal management, or any other environmental qualifications, GE has an application-ready system literally “on-the-shelf” awaiting your algorithms and intellectual property (IP).  And we do not stop there. From rapid prototyping in development all the way to life cycle support, GE will be there every step of the way to ensure a winning solution and a winning partnership.


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High Performance Embedded Computing

GPGU COTS Platforms
Find out more about GE's advanced multiprocessors and GPGPU platforms, and how HPEC solutions can be brought to market faster with GE's AXIS software development environments, in our new brochure.


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Sensor Processing

GPGU COTS Platforms
Many of today's advanced military applications use sensor-acquired data as their starting point – whether that's radar, sonar, or video. Turning that data into actionable information in close to real time, or getting it to where it needs to be at high speed with low bandwidth consumption, are significant challenges with which GE can help.


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Effective Video Handling on Unmanned Vehicles

10Gbps Ethernet Video White Paper
This paper describes and illustrates some of the many applications for which the GE ICS-8580 rugged video processor is an ideal solution. It has the flexibility and features to greatly ease the system integration burden by providing one platform that can be used in many different ways.

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