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Title Document Number Date Document Type Product Families Products Industries Language
Accelerator for Proficy Change Management GFA-1327 January 2010 Datasheet English
Series 90 -70 PLCs GFA-149N January 2008 Datasheet English
Genius Distributed I/O GFA-155 March 2010 Datasheet English
bCOM2-L1100 GFA-1667A November 2012 Datasheet English
Operational Excellence GFA-1679 April 2010 Brochures English
Operative Exzellenz GFA-1679-DE December 2010 Brochures Automation & Controls German
Proficy Pulse GFA-1685 March 2010 Datasheet English
globalcare_support_for_automation_ds_gfa1688.pdf GFA-1688 April 2010 Datasheet English
Proficy Virtual Campus Training Software GFA-1695 April 2010 Datasheet English
PAC8000 Logic Workbench Datasheet GFA-1700 June 2009 Datasheet English
The Smart Grid for Smaller Utilities GFA-1704 January 2011 Brochures Automation & Controls English
Proficy Accelerator for Advanced Analytics GFA-1706 July 2010 Datasheet English
Proficy Accelerator for Centerlining GFA-1707 June 2010 Datasheet English
GE自动化&控制在水电行业应用 GFA-1708-CN March 2018 Brochures Automation & Controls Chinese, Simplified
Proficy Historian 5.5 GFA-1708B November 2013 Datasheet German
Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFIX 5.1 GFA-1709 July 2011 Datasheet English
Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX 5.1 GFA-1709-IT November 2010 Datasheet Italian
Proficy SCADA Alarm Response Management GFA-1711 August 2010 Datasheet English
8000 Bus Interface Modules GFA-1713 October 2010 Datasheet English
EC12 GFA-1820 June 2011 Datasheet English
PAC8000 Controller Datasheet GFA-1831 June 2009 Datasheet English
Wolverine III GFA-1836 September 2012 Datasheet English
IPS511_ds_gfa1841 GFA-1841 December 2011 Datasheet English
Proficy for Water Operations GFA-1850 December 2011 Datasheet English
WANic 66512 GFA-1897 April 2012 Datasheet English
PACSystems VersaSafe GFA-1902 February 2015 Datasheet Language neutral
RXi Box IPC - Datasheet GFA-1909A December 2014 Datasheet German
RXi IPC Familie GFA-1910 March 2014 Datasheet German
PACSystems RXi Box IPC - EP GFA-1910 January 2013 Datasheet English
RXi-EP IPC - Datasheet GFA-1910C December 2014 Datasheet German
PACSystems RXi Controller GFA-1911 July 2012 Datasheet English
PACMotion Safe Motion GFA-1919 August 2012 Datasheet English
Path Creator GFA-1920 August 2012 Datasheet English
Proficy Historian Analysis 5.5 GFA-1930 November 2013 Datasheet German
Conversion Rack GFA-1932 December 2012 Datasheet English
Proficy Vision GFA-1939 November 2013 Datasheet German
IT-High Performance Automation for a Connected World GFA-1940 June 2013 Brochures Italian
Hochleistungsfähige Automatisierung GFA-1940 May 2013 Brochures German
Proficy Mobile GFA-1950 November 2013 Datasheet German
Proficy Mobile Datasheet GFA-1950a November 2014 Datasheet English