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PACSystems RX3i 320 CPU GFA-559 January 2008 Datasheet English
Persistent Array Block (PAR) GFA-732 January 2008 Datasheet English
PACSystems RX7i Controller GFA-497 January 2010 Datasheet English
Durus Manual GFK-2470 January 2008 Manuals English
Water Solutions Pack for iFIX 4.5 and 5.0 GFA-1148 January 2008 Datasheet English
Driving Operational Excellence in Water Wastewater GFA-592 September 2008 Datasheet English
Automation Solutions for the Ethanol Industry GFA-734 January 2008 Datasheet English
Toll Brothers GFA-647A March 2007 Customer Stories English
Alarm & Event Express GFA-735 January 2008 Datasheet English
OEM Edge: A GE Partner Program GFA-703 January 2008 Datasheet English
Durus Controllers GFA-883 January 2008 Datasheet English
The Profitable and Safe Supply Chain Paper #1 GFT-713B September 2008 White Papers Automation & Controls English
Proficy Machine Edition GFA-284 January 2008 Datasheet English
Proficy Rx GFA-728A January 2008 Datasheet English
Stratus ftService Offerings GFA-631 January 2008 Datasheet English
Shanghai GM GFT-657A January 2008 Customer Stories English
VersaMax Nano and Micro Controllers GFA-251 March 2010 Datasheet English
Great Northern Paper GFT-422A January 2008 Customer Stories English
Intelligence PanelPC Workstation GFA-696 January 2008 Datasheet English
Proficy HMI/SCADA-CIMPLICITY 7.5 GFA-1078 July 2012 Datasheet English
Uteco - Solutions for the Printing Industry GFT-608A May 2010 Customer Stories English
Converteam Breaking the Ice GFT-700A June 2008 Customer Stories English
Ascentool’s Solar Production Equipment Solutions - "A Ray of Sunshine" GFT-721A October 2008 Customer Stories English
California Steel Industries GFT-572A June 2005 Customer Stories Automation & Controls English
Handan and Jinxi Steel GFT-510A September 2012 Customer Stories Programmable Automation Controllers English
Process Solutions GFA-849C January 2010 Brochures English
Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFIX 4.5 GFA-921 March 2010 Datasheet English
Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFIX 5.0 GFA-1120 March 2010 Datasheet English
BMA Saraji Mine GFT-629A December 2006 Customer Stories English
Formellino Wastewater Treatment GFT-693A February 2008 Customer Stories English
Blaser Swisslube AG GFT-650A April 2007 Customer Stories English
AVR GFT-589A May 2005 Customer Stories English
Proficy Plant Applications v6.1 GFA-1086A July 2012 Datasheet English
Control Solutions GFT-664A July 2007 Customer Stories English
IAC GFT-678A May 2005 Customer Stories English
Intelligence PanelClient GFA-638A March 2011 Datasheet English
965 Source Code v3p4p0 February 2008 Software & Drivers English
993 VxWorks Source v2p3p0 December 2007 Software & Drivers English
RFM2G VxWorks PCI/PMC driver for Intel x86/PowerPC R04.00 November 2007 Software & Drivers English
1003 Source Code: call Support v3.1.C September 2012 Software & Drivers English