Water & Wastewater

GE’s control solutions for water & wastewater utilize network-integrated, outcome optimizing controllers and switches that can be programmed to dynamically improve process operations based on both external and internal data.

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Outcome Optimizing Control for
Water & Wastewater Management

As water becomes a scarcer resource, environmental laws continue to tighten globally. It is critical to efficiently manage facility water and energy use, not only to help cut costs but also to improve compliance with continually evolving environmental regulations.

GE has developed an integrated control solution that carefully monitors and dynamically regulates when, where, and how much water is used and recycled at different points in the industrial process, and provides hands-on, browser-displayed data that can be accessed from any location with web access.

Challenges for the Water Industry

ge water loss

Water is lost
in distribution

ge regulatory compliance


ge global water usage

20% increase
in demand in
the last ten years

ge wastewater cost

W&WW treatment
market is expected to
reach $62B by 2022

Plant realizes 30% energy savings

Formellino’s recently installed automation system contributed to a 30% energy savings within the first 50 days of implementation. The new system relies on GE’s RX3i and CIMPLICITY for the real-time predictive control needed to optimize machine run rates and decrease energy consumption, all while achieving higher standards of water quality and efficiency.

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ge water tower

IICS for Water & WasteWater

Lower plant operational costs while improving overall performance and reliability. With GE' Industrial Internet Control System (IICS), it is easier to find the right mix of interfaces, I/O, and outcome-optimizing controllers to meet production needs, while securely optimizing Water or Wastewater plant control systems.


Outcome Optimizing Control

Adapt processes in real time


The most valuable natural resource for any business is their data. Outcome optimizing control (OOC) allows operators to obtain dynamic, actionable intelligence through continuous data-driven feedback to optimize processes, help actualize desired profitability, and transform operations.

Augmenting real-time deterministic control with Edge analytic capability makes it possible to achieve a flexible and intelligent, highly-available system that helps ensure maximum uptime and an overall improved total cost of ownership, all while optimizing business processes and outcomes.

Industrial Internet Connectivity

Improve visibility into plant operations


GE has combined several advanced controls technologies to create a truly next-generation, smart, network-integrated plant monitoring and management system that can generate maximum process optimisation and resource savings.

Internet Integrated Control Systems provide plant operators with the opportunity to merge multiple local data streams into a single model, harnessing the powerful processing capabilities of cloud computing to analyze data, detect faults, and send commands to controllers that precisely optimise plant operations, giving them the opportunity to make the most of limited resources and constantly and automatically generate the higher-quality output. Using Outcome

Real-time Automated Feedback

Improve performance and availability


Both the nature of the industry and a universal need for improved reliability and quality mandate that a higher degree of precision be achieved in the monitoring and control of water treatment programs, far greater than that what can be achieved with manual monitoring and closed-loop systems. GE A&C’s IICS solutions truly optimize processes by providing continuous on-line monitoring with an automated feedback loop to the machine are most often a necessary component of any automation & control program.

Outcome Optimizing Control
for Water Treatment Systems

Dynamically adjust to changing business objectives

Using Outcome optimizing control, and analytics based in either Predix or Python & Linux, IICS allows processes such as optimization applications to be based directly next to the machine, at the Edge of industrial processes. Further, CIMPLICITY’s fully compatible HMI software allows for intuitive visualization and further analysis of the resulting data, to provide a broad vantage point over plant operations from anywhere with web access.

In a scenario where it is necessary to monitor and control individual pump performance in real-time via the cloud, and for remote management and load balance systems.  An IICS solution has been developed that allows connectivity to the Predix cloud and access to Predix Edge Applications such as Controller Health Check and Asset Performance Management, and compare performance with advanced predictive models and diagnose faults. 

  • Secure data acquisition 
  • Data analysis at the machine
  • Process or asset optimization
  • Responsiveness to performance trends