Uncover waste with an information strategy that helps optimize environmental and operational results without compromising product quality or profitability.

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Manufacturing Sustainability - Beyond "Green"

Balancing the needs of diverse stakeholders can seem impossible – regulators (and our own sense of stewardship) demand reduced impact on our environment; shareholders require that we protect their investment; and customers won’t accept reduced quality or increased costs. Individual initiatives seem to offer a path to improvement on a specific front – energy reduction, water optimization, or emission/effluent reductions – but understanding whether all other priorities are balanced is difficult at best.

Based on our own experience as a GE business – with aggressive goals for reducing energy and water consumption – we know that for gains to be sustainable, they must be led and supported by an information strategy. GE's automation and software products are used in both utility and industrial infrastructure to deliver the precise control needed to optimize energy and water usage – as well as the data needed to understand the operational factors that can drive consumption above target.

Extending utility monitoring and control

Proficy enables correlation of ingredients, quality and utility consumption by product, area, line or asset—enabling deep analysis of all aspects of waste or loss.

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Renewable Energy

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Schedule adherence enables sustained efficiencies

Schedule deviations can cost you customers at the same time that they drive up waste. Our solutions help set plans that are capacity-, material-, and energy-efficient, and help you on course.

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Proficy Scheduler

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ge sustainability scheduled adherence

Event-driven guidance to embed sustainable practices

Digitizing best practices into structured workflows and automating escalation of events that impact your footprint are key to maintaining performance as assets and processes evolve.

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Intelligence-driven maintenance for sustainable improvements

From machine downtime or steam losses, maintenance practices offer big contributions to environmental and cost peformance. Integrate your plant-floor data with maintenance systems for more focused event management and better analytics.

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Footprint reduction starting with raw material profiles

Material variance means re-work, waste and downtime—impacting utility and waste-to-landfill metrics. Get relief by integrating material quality data into the process, so you can adapt rather than react.

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Proficy Plant Applications
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