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Delivering the latest technology solutions powered by the Industrial Internet, we’re pioneering innovative ways to become more efficient and agile at manufacturing. And building compliance into the way you work.

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Top challenges for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies

Increasing regulatory and market pressure

Pricing pressures and shrinking margin

Pricing pressures and shrinking margin

Quality risks and lack of traceability

Quality assurance. Traceability. And process consistency. GE’s technology solutions deliver a better way to make a better product.

GE’s proven solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing

With decades of deep pharmaceutical and life sciences industry expertise, GE offers powerful and proven technology solutions for today’s manufacturing companies. We understand that you face heightened regulatory scrutiny and the need for greater operational efficiencies. That’s why our Industrial Internet-enabled solutions build compliance into the way you do business and deliver end-to-end process visibility.

Turn validation into a strategic advantage

As you face heightened regulatory scrutiny from the FDA and other regulatory bodies, you’re challenged to move toward an approach with proactive regulatory compliance. GE solutions deliver visibility and understanding to help you improve process consistency, traceability, and quality. We know that it takes discipline to drive process improvements and follow good manufacturing practices—enabling you to address increasing compliance requirements.

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ge golden batch

Produce the “golden” batch every time

More than ever, you need additional security, flexibility and ease of use in your batch management applications. Proficy Batch Execution delivers on these requirements, in addition to helping you reduce costs, increase quality and boost profitability. You can leverage its easy-to-use graphical interface combined with powerful monitoring and control functions to improve visibility and optimize operations.

Consistency is key. You can drive more consistent work processes by helping your operators follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with our Proficy Workflow solution. It allows workers to leverage Electronic Work Instructions and Corrective Action to reduce variation in performance, cost and quality. In turn, you can make every operator an expert - for a true sustainable advantage.

Be in control anywhere, anytime

To enable fast responsiveness and the best decisions, you need the right information in the right hands. Information that’s in context according to your role and location. Our mobile solutions turn your vast amounts of raw data into simple, actionable knowledge, using current and proven mobile app and web technologies.

Combined with powerful analytics, you can access intelligent insights about your assets and processes and the root causes of process variations such as abnormal process deviations, quality alarms or manual batch requests at your fingertips.

Now you’re empowered to take the right actions in real time—optimizing performance and driving faster time to market.

IT Adoption in the Pharma Industry

Optimize your performance

GE understands the challenges you face. And no matter how complex, we’ve got the solutions to address them. Solutions enabled by the Industrial Internet that connect your machines, data, insights, and people for real-time operational visibility, advanced analytics, and intelligent insights.

Compliance with regulatory standards. Utmost quality and consistency. Optimized performance and profitability. You can achieve it all with intelligent, innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing operations—powered by GE.

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