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Top challenges for automotive companies

Shorter development time

Increasing market demand for product variety

Higher levels of build-to-order with greater complexity

Consolidation of production facilitie

Changing conditions across production and the supply chain

Understand the present
so you can change the future

Mine: a confidence crisis, aggregated results of companies, 2012 vs. YA, PwC.

Top challenges for manufacturing companies

Reduce manufacturing cost

Increase market responsivene

Protect my customers and my brand

Grow market share

The facts are startling







Zero unplanned downtime

That’s our solution focus to accelerate your competitiveness

GE's proven solution for automotive

With more than 25 years of discrete and automotive experience, GE brings deep industry expertise and high-performance technologies built for today’s automotive manufacturers. Our solution leverages the power of the Industrial Internet—connecting your machines, data and people—for an unprecedented level of information visibility and manufacturing insight. Thus, you can drive faster production, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Did you know...

  • Affects the production of 65% of the cars manufactured in North America
  • Has 40,000+ users in the automotive manufacturing
  • Delivers build-to-sequence rates of 99% for 400,000 vehicles per year at just one U.S. auto manufacturing site
  • Manages production of 250,000 vehicles per year and four U.K. product lines for one auto manufacturer
  • Controls 16 vehicle and powertrain plants globally

Transform your oil and gas business

Wherever oil and gas extraction, storage, transportation or processing takes place, GE is there. With deep industry expertise and decades of experience in high-performance Industrial Internet-enabled technology, services and support, GE understands the challenges you face. And no matter how complex, we've got the solutions to address them.

Utmost productivity. No unplanned downtime. Improved safety. You can achieve it all with more intelligent oil and gas operations—powered by GE.

Get connected

Equipment Insight from GE Predictivity™

Improve asset performance and uptime with Equipment Insight, our Industrial Internet solution for data collection, analysis and management of distributed OEM fleets. Powered by GE's leading Proficy* software and rugged RXi IPCs (industrial computers), it securely collects and analyzes fleet data to deliver insight into your machines.

Hence, you can optimize your asset performance, processes and profitability.

GE Predictivity™

Be in control anywhere, anytime

To enable fast responsiveness and the best decisions, you need the right information in the right hands. Information that’s in context according to your role and location. Our mobile solutions turn your vast amounts of raw data into simple, actionable knowledge, using current and proven mobile app and web technologies.

Combined with powerful analytics, you can access intelligent insights about your assets and processes and the root causes of process variations such as abnormal process deviations, quality alarms or manual batch requests at your fingertips.

Now you’re empowered to take the right actions in real time—optimizing performance and driving faster time to market.

Proficy Mobile
Proficy CSense
Proficy Workflow

Turn Data into Insight

Turn data into actionable information

With dispersed assets onshore and offshore, you need to monitor, manage and distribute tremendous volumes of field data—from the wellheads to the control room and data at the enterprise level. Our Proficy Historian Analysis software helps maximize the value of your data with powerful analytics. Thus, you can make decisions better, faster and smarter.

Company Information

About Us

At GE, we work toward a single goal: to help you solve your operations challenges and gain a competitive advantage. We’re making the Industrial Internet real so you can drive new performance possibilities for your business. Deliver results that matter. And build the future.

Intelligent Platforms provides industrial software, control systems, and embedded computing platforms that help connect, monitor, analyze, predict and optimize operations like never before. By combining our innovative, high-performance technology solutions with deep industry expertise and know-how, we’re transforming the way companies grow their profitability and competitive edge.

Your success is at the heart of what we do. We understand your business and what it takes to win in today’s connected world. We operate across a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, water, power, mining, oil and gas, defense and aerospace. A division of GE, Intelligent Platforms is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA.

The GE Difference

GE's holistic solution for automotive


  • Machine, Conveyor Control
  • Process & Sequence Control
  • Quality Control
  • Visual Inspection, Deflect Reporting

Assembly & Fabrication

  • Build to Order / Build to Sequence
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Error Proofing
  • Assembly Systems & Instructions
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Quality Assurance / Control
  • Machine Controlt

Information Management

  • Visualization
  • Supervisory Control
  • Analytics
  • Product Birth Certificates
  • Asset Condition & Maintenance
  • Change Management
  • SPC and Reporting
  • Enterprise Connectivity

Material Management

  • Kitting
  • Lean Material Delivery
  • eKanban
  • Conveyor Control
  • Tracking / Routing Control

IT Adoption in the Pharma Industry

“Getting the most out of your assets
is the new priority.”

Mine: a confidence crisis, aggregated results of companies, 2012 vs. YA, PwC.

Consistent, efficient, and accountable water operations

Utilities face aging infrastructure, declining revenues, increasing regulations, and retiring workers—challenges that require them to plan and work smarter than ever before. But it’s a struggle because information and systems are disconnected.

At GE, we understand your challenges. Combining advanced technologies and deep industry know-how, our proven water-wastewater solutions drive greater efficiency, consistency and accountability throughout your operations. Thousands of utilities rely on us for intelligent water operations that optimize performance and maximize return on investment.

GE Pump Station ROI calculator

Realize payback in as little as four months. Eliminate the costs of system design, and reduce downtime, travel to remote sites and unnecessary pumping.

Start Calculating

How do you maintain and increase profits through the cycle?

In the down phase of the cycle, revenue falls as costs continue to rise. Oversupply of key commodities drives prices down further. Shareholders suffering diminished returns apply greater pressure. Volatility is the only constant.

To achieve economies of scale, mining has grown ever bigger. Now your people and machines face bigger challenges. Equipment fails. Costs rise. Margins erode. Inefficiencies remain. It’s time to get more out of your operations. It’s time to optimize performance in a new way.

GE Careers

Join our dynamic world.  Contribute to it.  Create and share your experiences and knowledge.  We have gotten to where we are today by recruiting brilliant people with fearless imaginations … people who are committed to making this a better world … faster, safer, cleaner, more productive.  

Discover our world.  Are you ready to join?

Partner with GE to improve margins fast

Improve your margins by using Mine Performance, from GE Predictivity™ (formerly Proficy MaxxMine), a software and services solution delivered through GE's Industrial Performance & Reliability Center (Industrial PRC). An Industrial Internet solution that leverages your historical Industrial Big Data on all fixed and mobile assets and process circuits across all OEMs, the solution attacks both equipment health and process issues, working to eliminate equipment failure and stabilize, standardize, and improve processes at every phase of the mining value chain. The solution improves asset uptime, minimizes variability, optimizes throughput and recovery, and, in the process, reduces energy costs.

Squeeze more value from what you’ve got

In order to improve margins, the industry is changing focus—from CapEx to OpEx;. Analysts all agree-it's time to stop making risky investments and pursuing more volume-and time to start controlling costs and fixing the productivity inefficiencies that grew over the past decade.

GE's mining customers are following this new directive and experiencing a 1-21% increase in asset availability and a 1-10% increase in throughput.


Lonmin increases smelter throughput by 10% while improving recovery

In 2007, platinum prices were at an all-time high, so Lonmin wanted to maximize efficiency and unlock any hidden capacity in its process. GE previously helped the Lonmin concentrating section to solve some tough challenges, so GE was called in again to help with a bottleneck in the smelter area.

“You need to lay the foundation. That's not as sexy as the analytics that have an impact on your balance sheets. However, if you have the foundation set up, your ability to accelerate up that value continuum increases exponentially.”

Jim Walsh, General Manager,
GE, Software and Service

Validation into a strategic advantage

As you face heightened regulatory scrutiny from the FDA and other regulatory bodies, you’re challenged to move toward an approach with proactive regulatory compliance. GE solutions deliver visibility and understanding to help you improve process consistency, deliver traceability, and drive quality. We know that it takes discipline to drive process improvements and follow good manufacturing practices—enabling you to address increasing compliance requirements.


Produce the “golden” batch every time

More than ever, you need additional security, flexibility and ease of use in your batch management applications. Proficy Batch Execution delivers on these requirements, in addition to helping you reduce costs, increase quality and boost profitability. You can leverage its easy-to-use graphical interface combined with powerful monitoring and control functions to improve visibility and optimize operations.

Consistency is key. You can drive more consistent work processes by helping your operators follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with our Proficy Workflow solution. It allows workers to leverage Electronic Work Instructions and Corrective Action to reduce variation in performance, cost and quality. In turn, you can make every operator an expert - for a true sustainable advantage.

Proficy Batch Execution
Proficy Workflow


Our commitment to quality.

GE was one of the first companies in the United States to become a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer. We design our products to meet global standards, including CE mark requirements. What's more, we rededicate ourselves to quality every day through our Six Sigma Quality Initiative, which provides statistical tools for measuring customer needs and satisfaction, and shows us ways we can improve even further.

Our commitment to quality is not negotiable. It is a value that is driven into every area of our business from the very top of the company. Over the course of decades of experience in the embedded business, we have also learned that quality is not a generic concept. Instead, quality means different things to different customers and therefore our commitment to quality requires precise attention to the specific needs of specific customers.

Application-Specific Quality Standards

Most of our customers have clearly defined standards that they must meet, and these standards are the minimum level of quality they can accept. For example, telecommunications and networking equipment is strictly regulated and must conform to standards promulgated by national and international bodies such as the FCC, NEBS/Telcordia, UL, etc. These telecom standards are not the same as standards which have been developed for the defense and aerospace industries where the equipment has to function in a totally different type of environment.

The reality is that quality is often defined by the application. And for this reason GE precisely documents for our customers the relevant quality standards which our products meet or exceed. We believe that a quality product is one that meets the highest standards required for the customer’s application, even though that very same product may be totally inadequate to the needs of a different customer with a different application.

Customer-Specific Quality Standards

Certain customers, with certain types of applications, define quality in terms of a precise product configuration. These customers are willing to pay for the extra services we provide which will not only notify them of changes to components, but also seek their approval for any changes to a standardized product. For these customers, a quality product is one that never varies in any way without their approval. This is a service we gladly provide because it is so valuable to these specific customers. In fact, without it, every other measure we might take to ensure quality would be meaningless.

For other customers, it is not just the product and it’s components that define quality, but also the entire company a to product lifecycle management, product support, product roadmap planning, supply chain management and other issues related to extending the useful life of a system. For these customers, a quality product is one that not only meets their needs today, but one that can continue to evolve over time to accommodate new advances in technology.

The Many Facets of Quality

For each type of application and for each type of customer, GE has created specific programs and protocols which are designed to deliver quality. Since our customers define quality in various ways, so do we. And since the features sought by one group of customers may conflict with those desired by another group, we have divided the applications and customers into general groupings as follows:

Military and Aerospace
Communications and Networking
Industrial and Commercial

These groupings provide a convenient method of clustering similar applications and standards. So, for example, the Military and Aerospace grouping would include industry standards such as ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100, VITA 47, EIA-625, MIL-I-45562, MIL-Q-4858, IPC-2221, IPC-2222 and DEF STAN 05-57 to name a few.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to determine whether we offer products which may comply with your requirements. At the same time, if one of our products would suit your needs, and yet it does not meet your specific standards, we have long experience with modifying our products to make them compliant. If you are in need of this service, we are most likely able to be of assistance.

Do No Harm:
GE's Solutions for Food Safety

Protect your brand. Optimize product quality. And drive profitability. At GE, we understand what it takes to minimize food safety risks across your supply chain, enabling safer food from farm to fork. It's time to build food safety into your processes and prevent recalls in the first place—and we're ready to show you how.

Product Recall: It Could Happen to You

Affected by a product recall event in the last 5 years*
Financial risk from recalls is significant to catastrophic*

Leverage Our Solution Built on Connectivity

Connected machines enable awareness

Gain the agility you need to quickly respond to production changes and supply chain variations with our advanced control solutions. You get speed, flexibility and better control to produce vehicles faster and to make modifications with greater precision. Connected machines that leverage the Industrial Internet provide a modern control infrastructure so you can get smarter about the way you do business—keeping you ahead of the competition.

Control Platforms - Programmable Automation controllers, distributed I/O, operator interfaces, industrial computers, control software.

Connected people drive execution with actionable data

When your workers have the right tools and insight to do their jobs, the outcome is flawless execution. Our solution connects people with digitized work processes, enabling reliable, repeatable process execution and improved compliance with SOPs (standard operating procedures). From order management and execution to every stage of production, you can drive greater consistency and build right first time while reducing rework and costs.

Connected data and insights deliver intelligence

Providing an integrated view of your manufacturing plant data and enterprise data, our solution helps you turn data into actionable information. You can leverage real-time operational intelligence to optimize the production of your vehicles at every stage.

Through deep analytics, you can understand and address root causes, predict issues before they happen, and delve deeper into KPIs that drive quality, scheduling, logistics, inventory, error proofing, and more.

Looking forward: Manufacturing Sustainability

Finally, connectivity across your plant and enterprise enables you to leverage real-time insight into machine and facility energy and water consumption, a deeper understanding into the interdependencies between performance and resource usage, and advanced analytics for critical decision support. Thus, you can drive continual improvements for manufacturing sustainability—accelerating your competitiveness today and into the future.

Food Safety Modernization Act

Are You Ready for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)?

Prevent food safety issues and drive costs out of your products while being compliant with new government regulations. GE's open, scalable and adaptable solutions will help you maintain product safety without adding significant cost to the consumer



Connected machines

Consistency starts at the controller


A modern control infrastructure is critical to drive information, uptime, flexibility and long equipment life throughout your operations. Our powerful lineup of high performance PACSystems controllers is rugged and reliable, featuring:

High availability redundancy
Expandable open architectures
Upgradeable CPU

And our distributed I/O utilizes PROFINET to maximize efficiency and data dissemination. It's designed to be ultra-fast and easy to set up. With this type of I/O flexibility, you can connect to a full range of I/O, from simple discrete to safety and process I/O to meet your needs.

See how GE water solutions enable business as usual during a natural disaster for a water plant in Virginia.


Connected data

Improve visibility into your plant operations


Better visibility leads to better decisions. Our Proficy Historian is a powerful enterprise-wide data historian that collects, archives, and distributes tremendous volumes of data at extremely high speeds. It contains extensive security capability and reporting tools for better monitoring, control and regulatory compliance.

Historian and real-time data can be presented graphically with our Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX software so operators can visually monitor and control treatment processes and equipment. They can also trend operational and process data and monitor alarms for quick identification and resolution of issues. Like a window into your operations, it enables you to clearly see what's going on.

See how Proficy helps Waterford aggregate its data to understand how their assets are operating and quickly and easily troubleshoot issues.


Connected insights

Improve performance with predictive analytics


To truly understand your operations, you need to dig deeper into your data. Our Proficy Monitoring & Analysis software collects and analyzes data from water-wastewater treatment, pumping and other process and equipment. It helps make sense of the data, turning it into insight. You can optimize processes, troubleshoot process problems and monitor process health with our solution’s predictive analytics.

Plus, with Proficy Mobile, you can extend your control room with real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) on mobile devices. Operational data everywhere can be securely transformed into actionable knowledge, anywhere anytime. Imagine the information you need delivered intelligently to you in the right context, by role and location. That’s the power of Proficy Mobile.

See how the City of Haverhill, Massachusetss leverages GE water solutions for better visibility, fast troubleshooting, and lower costs in its water plant.


Connected people

Drive consistency through work process management


Consistent and efficient operations are critical. As experienced operators continue to retire, you’ve got to mitigate the loss of institutional knowledge. You need to guide operators with information-rich, circumstance-based tools to ensure tasks are completed on time and the right way every time.

Our Proficy Workflow software enables every operator to be an expert. It captures and digitizes your work processes. It guides your operators with step-by-step instructions for each task and automatically walks them through corrective action. And it creates electronic standard operating procedures (eSOPs) to reduce variation in performance, cost, and quality.

Find out how GE Proficy software guides operators for more consistent processes, faster troubleshooting, and minimized tasks.

Supporting key strategies

Operational Excellence

GE’s proven solutions deliver comprehensive real-time visibility and powerful analytics to empower decision makers with deep operational intelligence. Find out how you can drive continuous improvements for production efficiency and sustainable manufacturing excellence.

Read E-zine

Optimizing water and wastewater operations via the Industrial Internet

Enter the world of water utilities: aging infrastructure, declining revenues, increasing service level expectations, and regulations. What's more, resources for water and wastewater capital programs are limited, making it difficult to carry out infrastructure modernization, expansion, and technology upgrades.

Download Ezine

GE’s Pump Station Appliance is ready to go, right out of the box

Upgrading to a sophisticated automated control system seems impossible when you’ve got limited staff, funds, and IT support. But GE makes it easy. GE’s Pump Station Appliance is the first PLC-based solution you can order online. Just configure, install, and operate--and easily expand as your needs change over time.

Get started


Proficy Historian: Better data = better decisions

Operational excellence begins with understanding your data. A powerful enterprise-wide data historian, our Proficy Historian software delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data from across your oil and gas operations. Addressing your challenge of disparate data, it aggregates islands of information for true process visibility. And it feeds higher-level operations management systems with accurate, real-time information.

Our Leaders

Bernie Anger, General Manager

A firm believer in group think, Bernie is a visionary in leveraging Cloud technology for manufacturing and industrial applications. As General Manager at GE, Bernie is hard at work helping customers realize the benefits of the Industrial Internet with a platform that combines software, electronics, and domain expertise. These solutions are leading to profound new ways for customers to compete and win.

Bernie believes the Industrial Internet not only affords the opportunity to leverage better business but a better planet as well. And he’s helping companies evolve to realize their full potential.

Jim Walsh, General Manager

Jim understands the challenges his customers face because he’s been in their shoes. As General Manager at GE, Jim helps our customers with the only value proposition he feels matters in today’s connected world: growing their competitive edge.

He believes companies that embrace technology proactively will be materially differentiated from those that don’t. As mobile devices have delivered incredible efficiencies in the consumer world, they have even more so for the industrial world. Jim believes we’re in a very interesting and meaningful period right now—what he calls the next industrial revolution.

Enabling Your Workforce

The face of the O&G workforce is changing drastically. And so are the tools needed to support them. With demand for anytime anywhere access to information, especially on tablets and smartphones, mobile solutions for the workforce are not a luxury but a critical necessity.

That's where GE's Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) comes in. Our RtOI solution empowers workers by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. It turns vast amounts of raw data into simple, actionable knowledge, so your workforce can share more info in context and at all levels of your organization—from the control room to the oil fields.

The result: an empowered workforce and higher productivity.



Wolverine III

Maximum reliability with our rugged, field serviceable, sunlight-readable ATEX Zone 2 flat panel computer. Ideal for harsh oil and gas environments, our Wolverine III is a rugged flat-panel computer engineered to deliver utmost performance, at all times, under any condition.


Quick Panel+

The new GE QuickPanel+ is more than an operator interface. QuickPanel+ integrates control and view plus allows you to archive data. This powerful combination puts big data and instant insight at your fingertips while reducing system complexity and cost...

Special Offer

No Unplanned Downtime


GE's Industrial Performance and Reliability Center (IPRC) combines our experts, processes, and technology to monitor, diagnose, predict, and optimize our customers' critical equipment and processes—worldwide.

With our advanced data-management, visualization, and analytics software—and the people trained to use it—you can target zero unplanned downtime.

Learn more about GE's IPRC.

Solving problems before they happen

Sign up for the "Catch of the Week" Each "catch" is a customer success story that describes an equipment problem that our IPRC identified early by using our Proficy Monitoring & Analysis Suite software—and the benefits the customer received.


Operational Excellence Journey: Stairway to Success


Enable Operational Action from Anywhere

Watch video

Fix the Problem Fast

Watch video

Preempt Potential Issues

Watch video

Stabilize the Supply Chain

Watch video


Food Safety

Leverage the Industrial Internet to minimize food safety risks and improve your efficiency, quality and productivity. Find out how our Proficy software can help you set the course to "Do No Harm" with a holistic, integrated approach that delivers mobile real-time operational data and insights.

More info


Uncover waste and related costs with an information strategy that helps optimize environmental and operational results without compromising product quality or profitability.

More info

Intelligent Oil and Gas Operations


GE is that partner. We understand your industry like no other. And our proven portfolio of oil and gas products—from field controls to advanced predictive monitoring—work together to deliver the performance you need to stay ahead. With our expertise and Industrial Internet-enabled solutions, oil and gas companies are transforming their business performance. They're getting smarter and pushing the boundaries on asset and operational optimization.

Leading-edge technologies

You can expect to stay ahead of competitors with our highly innovative and advanced technology solutions. As a technology-driven company, we continually invest millions of dollars in research and development of our forward-thinking Industrial Internet solutions across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Broad, comprehensive solution portfolio

Set apart from other market offerings, GE solutions deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end suite of control and software capabilities that drive connectivity. So you can leverage a complete yet modular solution from a single partner, as we offer the depth and breadth of capabilities to fit your specific business needs.

Long-term trusted partner

Working with GE, you can gain the experience and security of a mature, stable, and respected partner who understands your business and offers solid solutions to meet your needs. You have access to a global organization, which means you can tap into a depth and breadth of comprehensive resources to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Proven methodologies

You can rely on our engagement processes, which are based on GE’s proven methodologies and best practices—including our renowned Six Sigma Quality approach—to get to the root of your business problems. We’ll work with you to identify what needs to be done and where, so you get the results you need.

World-class support services

Our award-winning support services include a global network of support professionals with application and industry-specific expertise, 24x7 emergency support, online case management, and more. We deliver the best support possible to meet your business needs for long-term performance and success—from solution concept to implementation and ongoing support.

Let GE help make the Industrial Internet real for your business.

Extending utility monitoring and control

Proficy enables correlation of ingredients, quality and utility consumption by product, area, line or asset—enabling deep analysis of all aspects of waste or loss.

Proficy Plant Applications
Proficy Process Systems
Renewable Energy

Schedule adherence enables sustained efficiencies

Schedule deviations can cost you customers at the same time that they drive up waste. Our solutions help set plans that are capacity-, material-, and energy-efficient, and help you on course.

Customer Story – Energy Reduction
White Paper – OEE for Packaging Excellence
Proficy Scheduler

Event-driven guidance to embed sustainable practices

Digitizing best practices into structured workflows and automating escalation of events that impact your footprint are key to maintaining performance as assets and processes evolve.

Digitize Work Processes (Industrial Workflow Execution)
Proficy Workflow
Performance, Cost & Quality

Intelligence-driven maintenance for sustainable improvements

From machine downtime or steam losses, maintenance practices offer big contributions to environmental and cost peformance. Integrate your plant-floor data with maintenance systems for more focused event management and better analytics.

Proficy Maintenance Gateway
Customer Story - Gumlink
White Paper – The Importance of Plant Reliability

Footprint reduction starting with raw material profiles

Material variance means re-work, waste and downtime—impacting utility and waste-to-landfill metrics. Get relief by integrating material quality data into the process, so you can adapt rather than react.

Customer Story – Boiler Control Integration
Proficy Plant Applications
Proficy Process Systems

Control in the most difficult environments

Where extreme areas of operation are often the norm, you can count on GE's industry expertise and automated equipment to operate with utmost safety, reliability and certainty in any conditions.

Powerful. Reliable. And Innovative. Check out our functional and process safety solutions:


Our proven, reliable, and robust solution with built-in cyber security for plant emergency shutdown, burner management, and fire and gas-critical control applications.


A unique wellhead monitoring and control solution that enables you to monitor, diagnose and maintain your utility assets—even in the most hazardous environments. And the capabilities of our SIL 2 functional safety system deliver reliable control and safety on a common platform.


A range of controllers specifically targeted at process industries and designed to operate in the harshest and most hazardous environments, delivering precise control and bump-less redundancy to ensure process optimization and availability.


Fast, flexible power that is ready when you need it

Our Mark* VIe control system is the brain in the TM2500+ Aeroderivative gas turbine generator set. The TM2500+ can support you reach your electrification goals, provide bridge power solutions for growing demand, bring power to remote areas, respond quickly to urgent power situations.

Learn more about GE’s mobile, fast-start gas turbines solutions.


See it before it happens

With both the right data management foundation and monitoring software, our customers can anticipate impending problems before they happen. This enables the shift from costly reactive maintenance to efficient planned maintenance.

Discover the power of RtOI

Increase measurement accuracy and process control

Locally view and manage the all of your critical operational parameters with our sun light viewable, ruggedized HMI solution.

Learn more

Increase enterprise visibility into critical parameters

Monitor, manage and distribute tremendous volumes of field data—from the wellheads to the control room. Moving from data acquisition to complete integration of real-time enterprise information enables better decision making and faster responsiveness.

See how operators can maximize the value of information

Turn data everywhere into actionable knowledge

Real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) empowers businesses to intelligently transform vast amounts of data into actionable information — accessible anywhere, anytime, especially on tablets and smartphones.

Discover the power of RtOI

Drive safety, quality and productivity in the harshest environments

Our PAC8000 SafetyNet TUV certified SIL 2 functional safety system, which combines control and safety on a single, scalable platform—delivering a critical advantage for FPSOs. It has received Lloyd’s Register approval for environmental categories ENV1, ENV2 and ENV3.

Learn more about PAC8000

Increase uptime and reliability with integrated safety and control

As exploration moves into more remote locations, safe and effective centralizedremote management are critical. Increasing uptime in both new and existing fields while reducing capital and operational expenditures to increase return on investment can deliver a strategic competitive advantage.

Learn about our Wellhead Monitoring and Control solution

Make the most of your machine data

Powered by GE’s leading Proficy software and rugged RXi IPCs, our Equipment Insight solution enables OEMs to better understand how customers use their machines. It also helps end users optimize asset performance, processes and profitability.

Learn more about this Industrial Internet solution

Sign up today for the Catch of the Week

Each "catch" is a customer success story that describes an equipment problem that the center identified early for a GE customer by using our Proficy Monitoring & Analysis Suite software—and the benefits the customer received.

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Reach remote oil fields and monetize gas flaring

GE’s TM2500+ solution can significantly reduce diesel consumption, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions by converting well head petroleum gas into power. The TM2500+ offers mobility and flexibility for onsite power generation.

Learn more

Understand your operations with deep visibility

Determine the root cause of process upsets to drive fast resolution and continuous improvements. Visibility enables real-time decision support and continuous process improvements.

Learn more