Food Safety and HACCP

Minimize food safety risks with GE’s holistic, integrated approach, which can help you deliver productivity gains, protect consumers and your brand, and directly impact your bottom line.

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Do No Harm:
GE's Solutions for Food Safety

Protect your brand. Optimize product quality. And drive profitability. At GE, we understand what it takes to minimize food safety risks across your supply chain, enabling safer food from farm to fork. It's time to build food safety into your processes and prevent recalls in the first place—and we're ready to show you how.

Product Recall: It Could Happen to You

Affected by a product recall event in the last 5 years*
Financial risk from recalls is significant to catastrophic*

Recall Execution Costs

Business interruption
or lost profits

Reputation damage
or loss of brand equity

Recall execution costs

Liability risk

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Facts & Figures

The financial impact of more than half of
all recalls cost greater than $10 million*
The financial impact of 23% of product recalls is
greater than $30 million*
Class 1 recall can reduce shareholder
value by 3%

*Capturing Recall Costs, Grocery Manufacturers Association, October 2011

See how our open solutions prevent food safety issues

Standardized best practices with eHACCP

HACCP requirements can be hard to follow on paper, but our solution digitizes them for you – guiding your operators through HACCP procedures and verifying that your procedures have been followed.

Find where it came from - fast

Our solutions quickly and readily provide all product details to ERP systems with ease – enabling the tracking and tracing of products for rapid risk containment and root cause analysis.

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Take out product variation in manufacturing

Proficy Batching solutions provide automated recipe solutions that reduce product variation by guiding operators through the process, helping them adjust to quality parameter deviations and enabling real time process control.

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Utility monitoring

Proficy gathers information needed to prove your process utilities aren't introducing risk. Our solutions correlate quality and consumption by product, area, line, or equipment to identify best practices for maximum quality, at the lowest cost for energy.

Brand protection and profitability through quality management

Protecting a brand’s quality does not have to be done as an insurance policy. Proficy offers an integrated quality management solution that ensures continuous improvement in quality while increasing productivity.

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Fast, flexible and safe packaging

Your company needs innovative packaging solutions that are flexible and safe. Our solutions enable you to leverage best practices and standards such as S95, S88, and OMAC – enabling seamless integration for your lines.

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Process intelligence from raw material profiles

Food safety starts with raw materials received from suppliers. Our solutions track these materials to help you better understand quality parameters and allow you to adjust your processes, ensuring consistent product quality.