Tight budgets. Emerging threats. Technology acceleration. These are just some of the challenges that are shaping today’s defense sector.

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"Private-sector expertise helps give our military its technological edge."

Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

GE Rugged: 
Innovation that works.

With unique innovations, employing cost-effective, technically superior commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, we help develop the rugged systems that make a difference on the battlefield.

Whether land, air, sea or space, GE’s solutions are GE Rugged.

Time to Get Predictive

GE predictive analytics solutions deliver actionable intelligence about the health of your fleet. Remote monitoring and diagnostics help your organization drive readiness and availability up and sustainment costs down.

Fleet Intelligence

Rugged appliances and LRUs to minimize program risk

The development of complex military systems takes careful planning, project management, thorough testing and certification. Schedules and cost can get out of hand. GE’s customers have asked for solutions with a higher technology readiness level (TRL) to mitigate this risk and we have responded with a range of high-TRL deployable appliances and LRUs.

GE Rugged: Engineering

“…focusing on investments that will sharpen our military edge even as we contend with fewer resources."

Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

Proven Expertise

GE’s Intelligent Platforms business has long been the choice of major Defense prime contractors for high profile military embedded computing programs. Our teams are committed to compatible, interoperable and upgradeable solutions and long-term customer support. Review our relevant program experience::

We support our veterans

At GE, we value the leadership, loyalty, integrity, and commitment to excellence instilled through participation in military service.

GE Rugged: Benefits

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