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With increasing profitability pressures and growing consumer demands, CPG manufacturers must drive out cost while ensuring product quality across the enterprise. Partner with us in your journey toward Operational Excellence for a competitive advantage.

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GE's advanced technology solutions enable comprehensive strategies for Operational Excellence and Food Safety—proven to optimize production, protect your brand, and drive greater profitability.


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Operational Excellence

GE’s proven solutions deliver comprehensive real-time visibility and powerful analytics to empower decision makers with deep operational intelligence. Find out how you can drive continuous improvements for production efficiency and sustainable manufacturing excellence.

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Operational Excellence Journey: Stairway to Success


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Food Safety

Leverage the Industrial Internet to minimize food safety risks and improve your efficiency, quality and productivity. Find out how our Proficy software can help you set the course to "Do No Harm" with a holistic, integrated approach that delivers mobile real-time operational data and insights.

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Uncover waste and related costs with an information strategy that helps optimize environmental and operational results without compromising product quality or profitability.

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Quality Improvements and Visibility for Food Manufacturer



Faced with batch-to-batch quality variations and inconsistent process execution, a European baked goods manufacturer sought better inventory line of sight and training for new operators without productivity loss.

Solution Overview

The manufacturer turned to GE's Proficy software solution, an integrated platform for Batch execution, MES automation and visualization. The solution provided enhanced end-to-end traceability of ingredients, processing conditions and quality data—all linked to each production lot—enabling better control into manufacturing processes.

Proficy also enabled more visibility into the actual use of raw materials to improve materials planning, and deeper understanding of material costs for each product line for better planning and execution.


With Proficy, the food manufacturer improved quality, gained better line of sight into inventory, and leveraged traceability of its products from the bakery to the store.

Other results include:

  • Improved materials planning
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy
  • Reduced waste and costs
  • Faster, more efficient training

ge brewer speeds quality release

Brewer Speeds Quality Release


In brewing operations, the ability to fill orders is everything, a critical factor for success. Our customer, a large brewery, faced demanding volumes and sought the ability to view its production process in real time for better control and increase efficiency. It needed faster product releases at the highest quality, and features that could help ensure better regulatory compliance on filling. In addition, it wanted a solution that could seamlessly integrate with its Enterprise system.

Solution Overview

The brewery turned to GE Intelligent Platforms' proven Proficy software solutions. It has leveraged our powerful control and visualization capabilities to gain increased visibility and intelligence into its operations for better decision making.

In addition, our advanced technologies have helped it gather real-time quality information while gaining better control on batch-to-packaging genealogy, without interrupting its factory operations. The brewery has been able to integrate its supply chain with a focus on keeping high quality standards high, protecting its brand, and addressing regulatory requirements as a result of our quality solution capabilities.


Proficy software has enabled our customer to reduce its product hold time and waste, all while increasing throughput on first pass quality yield.

  • 90% decreased product hold
  • 35% reduced product waste
  • 5% increased overall plant productivity

Brewer's Energy Efficiency Gains


Confronted with rising utility costs, a major North American brewer found a surprising result when comparing different strategies to control consumption. Significant opportunities to reduce cost could be realized without disruptive capital investment - recipe and equipment analysis, based on a rich process and event record, yielded many areas to tighten execution and control of energy-intensive batching operations.

Solution Overview

The challenge of driving down cost and consumption was compounded by the fact that the brewing group had six facilities of different ages and with varying process control systems. However, the engeering team did have an advantage - all six breweries were already running Proficy Plant Applications, which gave them a common platform for tracking recipe execution, key process parametric data and event data.

Proficy fully integrates process and sensory data into a complete set of asset, material and event models. By treating energy and water as elements of the bill-of-materials, the engineering team ensured that all of the conditions and events surrounding good or poor consumption profiles could be analyzed for opportunities to increase utility efficiency.

Performing the analysis and subsequent tuning efforts with a complete production and quality tracking system in place also ensured that energy reduction efforts did not compromise beer quality or flavor.


By taking a more comprehensive approach to analytics our customer made significant strides in energy efficiency and cost - and added a balanced view of their progress on environmental impact to their overall operating reporting. Their results include:

  • On pace to recover $10Million in energy costs over 5 years
  • Common platform to report and analyze multiple utility inputs (refrigeration, water, gas, electricity)
  • Normalized views of consumption curves allowing for facility differences, seasonality.

Browar Warka Brews Competitive Formula


Grupa Zywiec SA - Browar Warka is the second biggest brewery in the Zywiec Group in Poland. When faced with competitive pressures that demanded greater production efficiencies, Browar Warka turned to the Proficy suite of applications.

Solution Overview

Increasing the effectiveness of bottling was the first priority and the Proficy Plant Applications Efficiency module offered the right mix of rich reporting and easy connectivity to data from existing automation platforms and systems. In the evaluation of different solutions, Browar Warka was particularly impressed with Proficy's capability to model complex production lines in such a way that the true "culprit machine" that led to a line stoppage could be identified.

By getting past the complexity of the line interactions, plant engineers now have a common platform providing accurate, timely information that supports both real-time fixes as well as historical analysis of efficiency losses.

We know which direction we are heading in. We know that we have to focus on more automatic and precise control of the production process

- Krzysztof Zyrek, Production Director


With a detailed picture of capacity losses and their causes in hand, Browar Warka's team has been able to focus its efforts on high-priority issues, resulting in:

  • 39% reduction in mechanical and control-related downtime events
  • Related recovery in throughput
  • Higher maintenance and troubleshooting productivity

ge helps dairy

Chinese Dairy Bolsters Quality, Safety


With manual recordkeeping hindering compliance regimens, food safety programs and initiatives aimed at yield improvements, this customer was determined to make improvements how it gathered and used quality data. Proficy Plant Applications now provides a fully integrated set of ingredient, process and quality data, covering milk receiving through processing and packaging, and the dairy is realizing quality improvements along with lower costs to meet regulatory requirements.

Solution Overview

To modernize the quality process, the dairy implemented the Proficy Plant Applications suite, along with Proficy iFix, Historian and Portal - replacing the manual recordkeeping system. The new system provides a genealogical model that can track the addition of bulk liquids into processing environments where shipments are blended. And the new quality system collects and validates quality information during the receiving process, as well as correlates detailed process and quality information to raw milk shipments and finished goods – providing end-to-end traceability.

By initiating quality records at milk receiving sites, this producer has a head start on maximizing yields within its processing operations. Knowing the composition of milk before it reaches the plant's unloading pumps means that transitions between raw milk tankloads can be accompanied by real-time process adjustments – to ensure that consistent output is maintained.


Because the new quality system was designed to serve internal operations as well as to meet regulatory requirements, the firm is enjoying benefits in several areas:

  • Improved yields through all operations
  • Simplified and less burdensome compliance reporting
  • Objective profiles of supplier shipments, enabling better matching of payments to incoming milk quality
ge helps dairies


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European Dairy Gains Cost, Quality Advantages With Proficy


As one of the larger diversified dairy products manufacturers in Europe, our customer struggled to maximize their efficiencies in the face of ever-expanding product families, as well as a varied asset and automation base. These factors combined to make machine troubleshooting, product costing and managing quality extremely difficult. With so much effort dedicated to gathering information, little time was available to drive basic, sustainable improvements in performance.

Solution Overview

Proficy Plant Applications suite was implemented, leveraging data from existing automation platforms and systems, to provide a common set of operating metrics and data to support efficiency analysis and quality control. With a product line that spans liquid milk, cheese, spreads and yogurt products, Proficy's ability to tie ingredient and energy consumption data to process data, quality checks and machine events is critical both to enable root cause analysis for downtime and yield losses, and to ensure a complete record of quality and safety related data was available from raw milk processing to final packaging.

Further value was realized when our customer chose to leverage Plant Applications to integrate commonly structured plant data related to inventory consumption and throughput with their ERP system – thus providing an accurate picture of costs.


Thanks to Proficy bridging the data between formerly isolated assets, a number of improvements have been realized:

  • Significant capacity recovery
  • Improved yields
  • Virtually eliminated costing errors
  • Reduced utility costs

ge global cpg

Global CPG Manufacturer



As part of its growth strategy, a global CPG manufacturer sought the capability to continue introducing new products in the market, without making any significant capital investments in its manufacturing facilities. To achieve this objective, it needed flexibility and reliability in its manufacturing automation infrastructure to ensure that it could quickly design, test, manufacture and market new products.

Solution Overview

The manufacturer leveraged a three-phased approach based on GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy software suite:

In the first phase, it implemented an efficiency and production management solution to improve the reliability of its production process, which in turn helped meet its planned delivery schedule.

The next phase of development focused on reducing the quality defects in its process with Proficy's quality management solution, which ensured that the products being manufactured were meeting quality specs.

The final phase of implementation was aimed at driving plant-wide efficiency by developing an integrated solution to optimize line efficiency, quality, material consumption, schedule attainment, and more.

By providing a common platform to drive asset and quality analysis, as well as "built-in" correlation of process, event, quality and route data, Proficy accelerated and sustained the customer's internal improvement initiatives. The solution's correlative capabilities were critical to replacing data manipulation efforts with data analysis efforts.


The manufacturer was able to consolidate all of its existing process solutions into a single production management platform, thereby reducing its total maintenance costs. Proficy helped the manufacturer achieve:

  • $80MM savings in annual production costs
  • 30% reduced inventories in the supply chain

ge helps bottlers

GSoft Drink Bottler Taps Savings



New entrants, constant innovation by competitors and the rising threat of retail brands have made it harder than ever to prosper in the soft drink market. To maintain profitability and market share, operational improvements can't just be local–they have to happen all along the supply chain. One brand owner has found that the Proficy suite delivers local quality and efficiency advantages that translate to performance improvements on both the sourcing and distribution ends of the supply chain.

Solution Overview

When assessing the best way to sustain its position, our customer looked in the unlikeliest of places–its manufacturing operations. With demand management and supply chain systems well established, production was the remaining area where improved visibility could lead not only to increased local efficiencies, but also to a more synchronized supply chain.

Beyond visibility, the team knew it had to build a strong foundation of reliability and predictability, so it could safely use manufacturing performance as an indicator of delivery performance, instead of depending on inventory buffers and warehouse space. The Proficy suite provided solutions that helped uncover lost capacity and ensured efficient work practices accompanied capital upgrades to drive world class efficiencies.

Proficy iFIX now delivers lineside metrics and analysis that empower operators to manage and respond effectively to process upsets; Proficy Plant Applications enables deeper root-cause analytics that lead to asset or process re-engineering, and also enables deep capability analysis to support planning activities.

The new systems do more than offer insight into efficiency recovery–they deliver an accurate profile of the effective capability of operations for both throughput and quality. This information ensures that material delivery, production schedules and logistics plans all adapt to reflect realistic performance goals. And the planning team can now evaluate the impact of different capital expenditures–making investments with confidence in the improvements that will result.


By empowering stakeholders across different functions with objective performance data, our customer has leveraged one suite to realize multiple goals:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness rates ranging from 85%-95%
  • Reduced inventory buffers on the distribution side of the business; streamlined flows of inbound materials
  • Improved capital planning based on historical analysis of capability

Cliffstar Corporation


Cliffstar Corporation, one of the largest private-label beverage suppliers in the U.S., sought to increase production efficiency across its five major bottling plants. However, each plant had its own performance metrics and varied tools for tracking production activities, resulting in inconsistent views and disparate practices designed to meet individual plant needs. To meet its efficiency goal, Cliffstar needed a common approach to performance measurement and continuous improvement across its entire operations.

Solution Overview

The beverage manufacturer implemented GE's Proficy software, including data collection capabilities and web-based visualization systems for monitoring and analyzing performance information, to gain greater insight into its processes. Starting with one line in one plant, Cliffstar gained immediate results, and rolled Proficy out to all of its plants—leveraging real data to help it optimize and balance operating priorities across its plants.

Providing visibility into real-time management operations, Proficy illuminated issues to help Cliffstar drive continuous improvements in its processes and enable higher levels of efficiency that were not possible prior to implementation.

A single platform allowed for a common approach to effectively measure, understand and act on improvement opportunities across the five plants for maximized optimization.

Furthermore, the efficiency gains provided a valuable sales tool, demonstrating to Cliffstar's potential customers its commitment to be an efficient operator in the beverage industry, which in turn, makes it a more cost-effective supplier. The gains also provided a sustainable competitive advantage for the business into the future.


With Proficy, Cliffstar has increased its production efficiency and enabled continuous improvements, leveraging Lean practices to drive results. Benefits include:

  • Improved line efficiency
  • Increased yield and improved quality
  • Reduced line stoppages
  • Increased flexibility with the addition of new equipment and new lines

ge helps

Gallo Glass


Producing one billion bottles of wine annually, Gallo Glass faced complex production processes with many interacting variables, requiring a technology solution to help it eliminate production bottlenecks, reduce the number of defective bottles, and empower its employees—from operators to senior managers—with value-added information. The power of Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX software provides powerful visualization, control, and real-time information management for better and faster decision making.

Solution Overview

Gallo implemented the Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX software solution across its 14 lines to automate the collection and presentation of data with a single system for the entire plant.

The easy-to-use, web-based monitoring and control software works in conjunction with an Oracle® database to consolidate real-time data from the plant's many devices, then transform that data into dynamic text, alarm, and graphic displays.

It presents information on the terminals located on the lines for a quick, easy-to-view snapshot of production. Operators and managers can view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Percent Pack, which displays the number of bottles successfully produced for every 100 attempts; defects; losses; production quantities by line; and more. In addition to providing timely notification of defects so operators can correct production right away, it delivers graphical reports and trending information to support management decisions.


With iFIX, Gallo Glass has made major improvements that save significant costs and improve product quality, delivering measurable results such as:

  • $5 million annual savings through improved quality
  • 5% increased production
  • 25% reduced defects
  • 25% reduced plant downtime
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Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX

ge helps with hygiene

Oral Hygiene Products Manufacturer


Faced with increasing consumer demands and a tough competitive market, a major oral hygiene products manufacturer needed to expand its product portfolio to gain market share. It had to leverage its existing equipment and people, so it sought a flexible solution that could integrate easily and execute pilot batches for the development of new flavors—reducing time to market for new products.

Solution Overview

The manufacturer turned to GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy Batch and Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX software for its flexibility and state-of-the-art batch and visualization capabilities. It provided a robust set of tools, open architecture and easy-to-use graphical user interface to help create a more efficient and consistent production environment.

The manufacturer's operators and supervisory staff have been able to leverage a common look and feel across many different recipes—eliminating confusion during the process and ensuring quality control. The solution also features robust alarming, trending, and analysis capabilities for better decision making and operational improvements.

Proficy has enabled the manufacturer to leverage faster new product introductions, quicker development of new recipes, increased batch-to-batch consistency, and better utilization of production assets—the advantages needed to gain market share.


GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy software suite of solutions helped this manufacturer deliver results:

  • 15% reduced batch cycle time
  • 25% increased capacity of existing equipment
  • 40% increased speed to market of new products

ge helps with tissue manufacturing

North American Tissue Manufacturer


As part of its growth strategy, a major tissue paper manufacturer acquired several manufacturing sites, which resulted in disparate automation infrastructures. The lack of consistent visibility, reporting and performance metrics hindered the ability to effectively assess production efficiency, quality characteristics and grade profitability. The company could not compare the operational performance of its individual sites to make informed decisions about how to allocate new grades across its operations.

Solution Overview

With GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy software solutions, the company implemented a phased approach to upgrade the automation infrastructure of the paper line across its key manufacturing sites.

In the first phase, the goal was to identify key process parameters and to ensure that data was collected uniformly across all sites. The company leveraged Proficy Historian to provide a site-wide platform for consistent data collection, archiving and distribution.

In the second phase, it installed Proficy Plant Applications to provide a common MES platform. It captured and compared real-time quality and production information such as actual vs. planned production, production cost per grade, and output per shift. As a result, management could leverage a clear understanding of the capability and performance of each site to make better decisions about where to allocate new grades.

To facilitate continuous improvement, the company also integrated Proficy Real-Time Information Portal—a web-based tool with sophisticated trending and reporting capabilities to access, analyze and visualize production data.

With a single view of production and quality data, operators could make informed decisions to drive quality improvements, reduce inventory and waste, and increase manufacturing efficiency across the various sites—critical for sustainable growth and a competitive edge.


GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy software suite of solutions helped this manufacturer drive true operational improvements:

  • 5% increased efficiency
  • 2% reduced waste
  • 4% reduced inventory

ge improves pet food

Global Pet Food Processor Improves Quality and Yield



Without tools to understand what was happening on the plant floor and paper processes for quality data and operator logs, this manufacturer grappled with information gaps, errors and operational inefficiencies.

Solution Overview

Without tools to understand what was happening on the plant floor and paper processes for quality data and operator logs, this manufacturer grappled with information gaps, errors and operational inefficiencies.


Proficy software enabled data-driven process adjustments, which resulted in a cost reduction of more than $200,000 per year on one SKU in one plant. In addition, key benefits include:

  • Increased uptime
  • Improved reliability
  • Boosted productivity

Snack Food

ge helps snack production


Having established a solid foundation of automation and visualization for local process management, the leaders of this snack producer were prepared to drive end-to-end improvements. To reach the next level of performance, they knew they would need to integrate individual assets and processes into a broader solution that would allow reporting and analysis from material receiving through packaging. Proficy Plant Applications became their platform for Operational Excellence.

Solution Overview

With a complex product mix, and variations in machine configurations and ages across plants, the engineering team needed a solution that could deliver a single performance analysis regimen that delivered meaningful insight despite local uniquenesses. Proficy provided an asset, event and material modeling capability that allowed meaningful comparisons between different production lines and different plants. Further, Proficy enabled the data present in widely varying automation systems to be processed through it's logic engine, so reaching a common interpretation machine events did not require extensive automation reprogramming.

With the variations between assets smoothed out, the engineering team was able to use Proficy's wide array of standard views and reports to serve the needs of various stakeholders. Straightforward production performance analyis enables line workers, supervisors and material coordinators to track progress against orders and coordinate activities, while deeper, muti-dimensional analysis of throughput and quality gives continuous improvement teams the insights needed to engineer greater reliability and predictability into their lines.


Because they were able to rally all plants in their division around a single reporting and analysis platform, this producer has been able to make and sustain significant gains:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness rates sustained in high 80's and low 90's
  • Reduced direct and indirect labor rates thanks to recovered capacity reducing the need for overtime
  • Clear and objective understanding of effective capacity leading to better material planning

Quality Becomes Cost Advantage for Diversified Food Producer


Keeping products safe for end customers can be a challenging endeavor, and when you add thousands of SKUs into the factory, consistency and quality can be compromised. A global manufacturer needed a solution that would help reduce product variations over its high volumes of production runs around the world.

Solution Overview

The company turned to GE Intelligent Platforms' Proficy solutions to help it ensure consistent product quality for a competitive advantage. Our suite of solutions helped the company standardize and automate its quality processes and leverage integrated reports and key performance indicators to drive continuous improvement.

By capturing manufacturing and quality data in the context of production events, Proficy has helped our customer identify and remove quality and variation issues the moment they occur. As a result, the company has been able to drive consistent quality faster and more efficiently.

Furthermore, our solutions enable access to critical real-time, enterprise-wide information—from shop floor data to customer order fulfillments—seamlessly integrating with the company's existing enterprise resource planning system.


With GE Intelligent Platforms's powerful quality software, our customer has been able to reduce run-to-run quality variations and turn out consistent, repeatable products around the globe.

  • 10% reduced quarantine holds
  • 20% faster new product introductions
  • 2% increased productivity

Stockmeyer Group Standardizes Systems, Improves Efficiency and Consistency


Making over 100 varieties of sausages and meat products on an asset base of close to 300 machines, Stockmeyer GmbH is flooded with process, quality and alarm data. Binding disparate processes, managed by different automation platforms into a single environment, Proficy's iFIX HMI/SCADA, Historian and Real-Time Information Portal capture that flood and channel it into useful process, product and quality information, delivered to key stakeholders.

Solution Overview

Managing such a variety of products created an explosion of data for Stockmeyer to manage. For each combination of product, recipe and production route, specific measures are needed to ensure consistency, quality and safety. Compounding the difficulties, a large range of equipment makes, ages and controls made it more difficult to ensure that consistent data points could be gathered for each order - enabling meaningful performance comparison and process control strategies.

The Proficy suite gave Stockmeyer the tools needed to extract information from diverse machines, and deliver process visualization and historical analysis based on creating standardized ways of storing and presenting data at the HMI and Historian layers. The result - a highly flexible visualization and analysis system that shields operators, engineers and management from the details of how information is gathered - allowing them to focus on interpreting the data to drive process improvements and ensure product quality.

"With the GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy software...I immediately notice when anything gets out of control and can react immediately"

- Uwe Rosenski, Head of Electrical Engineering, Stockmeyer GmbH


With information integrated across assets and processes, Stockmeyer's workers and engineers are equipped to capture and manage exceptions in real-time, and have the tools to quickly and intuitively analyze process performance. This is giving Stockmeyer cost and strategic benefits:

  • Increased production efficiencies through more consistent process execution
  • Lower energy costs through integrated monitoring & control
  • Reduced costs of system maintenance due to use of standard structures and interfaces

GE Product Solutions

Connected machines

Deliver the speed and flexibility needed to keep pace with your product strategy and consumer demands. Our advanced control solutions support revolutionary processing and packaging strategies by delivering the production agility needed for faster product turnover, greater variability and shorter production runs.

Thus, you can continually drive innovation and maintain high levels of market responsiveness and brand leadership.

ge moves data
ge tracks data

Connected data and insights

Drive continuous improvements with our real-time data management and analytics, which integrate your plant processes, equipment, and resources, and delivers powerful software capabilities such as predictive analytics and track and trace. You can leverage an integrated view of your entire operations for comprehensive visibility and unprecedented insight.

Our proven MES software helps you maximize the utilization of your equipment, directly improving production capacity, reducing running costs, and maximizing uptime.

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ge helps manufacturing

Connected people

Intelligently transform vast amounts of operational data into actionable information and deliver it to users in context anywhere, anytime on mobile devices. This is the power of real-time operational intelligence.

What's more, for reliable, repeatable process execution, our workflow software guides workers with step-by-step instructions–improving compliance with SOPs (standard operating procedures) and capturing process, traceability and quality data across systems. The result: reduced errors, waste and delays.

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