Automotive Manufacturing

Accelerate your competitiveness. Our solutions deliver manufacturing intelligence, execution, awareness and discrete automation control across your plant and enterprise to help you win.

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Top challenges for automotive companies

Shorter development time

Increasing market demand for product variety

Higher levels of build-to-order

Consolidation of production

Changing conditions across production and the supply chain

Zero unplanned downtime

That’s our solution focus to accelerate your competitiveness

GE's proven solution for automotive

With more than 25 years of discrete and automotive experience, GE brings deep industry expertise and high-performance technologies built for today’s automotive manufacturers. Our solution leverages the power of the Industrial Internet—connecting your machines, data and people—for an unprecedented level of information visibility and manufacturing insight. Thus, you can drive faster production, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Did you know...GE Proficy software:

  • Affects the production of 65% of the cars manufactured in North America
  • Has 40,000+ users in the automotive manufacturing
  • Delivers build-to-sequence rates of 99% for 400,000 vehicles per year at just one U.S. auto manufacturing site
  • Manages production of 250,000 vehicles per year and four U.K. product lines for one auto manufacturer
  • Controls 16 vehicle and powertrain plants globally

A holistic solution 


  • Machine, Conveyor Control
  • Process & Sequence Control
  • Quality Control
  • Visual Inspection, Deflect Reporting

Assembly & Fabrication

  • Build to Order / Build to Sequence
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Error Proofing
  • Assembly Systems & Instructions
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Quality Assurance / Control
  • Machine Control

Information Management

  • Visualization
  • Supervisory Control
  • Analytics
  • Product Birth Certificates
  • Asset Condition & Maintenance
  • Change Management
  • SPC and Reporting
  • Enterprise Connectivity

Material Management

  • Kitting
  • Lean Material Delivery
  • eKanban
  • Conveyor Control
  • Tracking / Routing Control

Manufacturing Intelligence Optimizes Performance

Better, faster decisions come from visibility across your plant floor, ERP and PLM systems. GE’s Proficy solution provides a standards-based approach for connecting MES and other enterprise systems. So you can easily collect, track, and report manufacturing intelligence and bi-directional communication.

Plus, built on an industrial-strength SOA platform, our solution enables you to leverage the power of intelligent remote services.

The result
An enabled enterprise with smarter, faster responsiveness to production changes.

Leverage Our Solution Built on Connectivity

ge connected machines

Connected machines enable awareness

Gain the agility you need to quickly respond to production changes and supply chain variations with our advanced control solutions. You get speed, flexibility and better control to produce vehicles faster and to make modifications with greater precision. Connected machines that leverage the Industrial Internet provide a modern control infrastructure so you can get smarter about the way you do business—keeping you ahead of the competition.

Control Platforms - Programmable Automation controllers, distributed I/O, operator interfaces, industrial computers, control software.

ge connected people

Connected people drive execution with actionable data

When your workers have the right tools and insight to do their jobs, the outcome is flawless execution. Our solution connects people with digitized work processes, enabling reliable, repeatable process execution and improved compliance with SOPs (standard operating procedures). From order management and execution to every stage of production, you can drive greater consistency and build right first time while reducing rework and costs.

MES software

ge connected data

Connected data and insights deliver intelligence

Providing an integrated view of your manufacturing plant data and enterprise data, our solution helps you turn data into actionable information. You can leverage real-time operational intelligence to optimize the production of your vehicles at every stage.

Through deep analytics, you can understand and address root causes, predict issues before they happen, and delve deeper into KPIs that drive quality, scheduling, logistics, inventory, error proofing, and more.

Data Management and Data Analytics software
Industrial Automation (HMI/SCADA) software
Control Platforms

ge manufacturing sustainability

Looking forward: Manufacturing Sustainability

Finally, connectivity across your plant and enterprise enables you to leverage real-time insight into machine and facility energy and water consumption, a deeper understanding into the interdependencies between performance and resource usage, and advanced analytics for critical decision support. Thus, you can drive continual improvements for manufacturing sustainability—accelerating your competitiveness today and into the future.