Industrial Internet Control System (IICS)


GE’s Industrial Internet Control System

Improve operational efficiency through asset optimization, enhanced process performance and increased productivity to unlock new revenue opportunities and extend equipment lifecycles. Transform your company’s operations with outcome optimizing controllers.
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2018 Frost & Sullivan Company
of the Year Award Winner

GE has earned Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious 2018 Company of the Year Award in the global edge controls and analytics market. General Electric’s (GE) Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) and its release of the PACSystems Outcome Optimizing Controller series sets an unprecedented industry standard for edge controls and analytics. With its foundational history of quality dedication, commitment to continued innovation, world-class customer support, and its strong overall performance, GE is setting the standard for the future of controls.

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Potential Solution Outcomes

+7% Performance

+7% Performance1

+22% Productivity

+22% Productivity1

-40% Maintenance

-40% Maintenance2

Outcome Optimizing Control White Paper

White Paper
Outcome Optimizing Control: Incorporating Enterprise Data and Analytics into Traditional Control Processes 

Outcome Optimizing Control solutions are designed to offer businesses all the benefits of traditional industrial control systems but with greater flexibility, accessibility, and connectivity to leverage external data that helps
to analyze and optimize industrial operations. OOC incorporates an “outer loop”– an advisement layer on top of the typical “see-think-do” control loop that can optimize the control application.  In the event of a disruption to this “outer loop”, the real-time deterministic control remains unaffected and provides the same secure functionality as a traditional PAC device. 


Redefining the Edge with Outcome Optimizing Control




IICS for Healthcare

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IICS for Power Generation

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IICS for manufacturing

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Outcome Optimzing Control

Industrial Internet Control System

Equipment Insight

Field Agent Technology

Founded on the premise that a connected controller, like connected people, can take more intelligent actions, IICS is a modular, flexible control platform that leverages rich data and analytics to turn insights into action. With IICS, customers can bring data to analytics that run in the cloud or bring analytics close to the machine with locally hosted apps.


A Journey into the Future of Controls

For years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been creating unprecedented growth in the consumer sector. The industrial sector is starting to catch on and unsurprisingly, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is now growing at about double the rate of the commercial space. With more and more connected machines, valuable data is being generated. But how do you turn volumes of data into actionable insights to improve efficiency, productivity, profitability, and generate new sources of revenue?

GE is combining cutting-edge technology and decades of industry experience into a platform that securely ingests machine-grade data at scale and analyzes it to deliver outcomes—fast. Tap into data in the Cloud or at the Edge of industrial systems and apply it to build a smarter business. All with Predix and GE's connected controls platform.


Make better decisions, faster


GE’s Field Agent technology is the critical link required in an IIoT chain for cloud-enabled analytics. Available in a stand-alone device, or embedded into GE's new Outcome Optimizing Controllers, Edge technology provides a rugged, pre-configured solution for secure data collection and conveyance from the machine.

Connect to nearly any industrial asset and leverage GE’s Industrial Internet Platform to collect data, analyze trends and uncover insights that improve operations and asset performance. Build out remote monitoring & diagnostics capabilities safely and securely, utilizing encrypted channels that preserve data time stamp, quality and fidelity.

Predix is a purpose-built platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for developing, deploying, operating and monetizing Industrial Internet applications. Highly optimized for the unique and demanding requirements of industrial applications, Predix captures and analyzes the unique volume, velocity, and variety of machine data generated across the industrial world within a secure, industrial-strength cloud environment.

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Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) Interest

Outcome Optimizing controls are ideal for

  • Industrial companies wanting new levels of productivity and efficiencies
  • Municipalities and government agencies seeking to create intelligent environments and connected services
  • Systems integrators seeking new ways to help industrial customers
  • Independent software vendors wanting to break into the new app economy
  • Original equipment manufacturers eager to build Predix-ready devices for the emerging Industrial Internet market
  • And countless other organizations that need to transform themselves with new, innovative services

Get connected.

Use Predix-ready controls to capture data in real time for use with Predix applications at the Edge or in the Cloud


Get Insight

Leverage advanced analytics and real-time feedback loops to adjust industrial processes dynamically based on changing business requirements.


Get Optimized

Use Predix-ready controllers to unlock and optimize new levels of productivity and new sources of revenue.

Technology at Work

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IICS helps customers unlock new insights and hidden value through controls


  • Securely collect & integrate data across the plant
  • Analyze data on-premise or in the cloud
  • Turn insights into action with outcome optimizing controllers
  • Use ready-made apps or develop new apps based on your own unique domain expertise.


  • Drop-in, cyber-secure IIoT solutions
  • Predix-ready out-of-the-box
  • Optimize resource usage and streamline production with data-driven insights
  • Reduce maintenance costs through monitoring and diagnostics


  • Develop IIoT-driven service offerings 
  • Create new revenue channels through with Industrial Apps
  • Maintain competitive advantage through continuous software-based innovation


  • Select the right on-ramp to the Industrial Internet for either greenfield or brownfield applications (no retrofit required)
  • Eliminate the impact of component obsolescence through modular hardware, firmware and software
  • Continuously drop in differentiating analytics, apps, and software capabilities

Access the game-changing power of Edge Analytics

As a pre-built platform, developers can rapidly create new industrial apps, driving outcomes ranging from reduction of unplanned downtime to improved asset output and operational efficiency. By focusing on innovation instead of time-consuming integration tasks, Predix minimizes cost-to-serve and is constantly upgraded with the latest technology and security in mind.


1 Early adopter experience using GE's Connected Controls Technology & Apps
2 Morgan Stanley Research: Global Capital Goods, "Insight: Cloud Control – The Future of Industrial Automation," March 15 2016