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The threshold of a new era

We're on the threshold of a new era of innovation with the Industrial Internet. It's the convergence of the global industrial system with the power of advanced computing, analytics, low-cost sensing and new levels of connectivity permitted by the internet. And with it, there's major transformation taking place in the industry.

The real opportunity for change...surpassing the magnitude of the consumer internet...is the Industrial Internet, an open, global network that connects people, data and machines.
Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman & CEO

For North America, a 1% savings in utility operating costs represents annual savings of $500 million

The Industrial Internet in the real world

Game-changing results

The Industrial Internet changes the game for industrial companies. Pushing machine data to the enterprise level allows businesses to leverage big data to optimize processes and asset performance. Apply predictive analytics to minimize unplanned downtime. Increase throughput, improve product quality and drive resource efficiency. The powerful outcomes—powered by the Industrial Internet—drive transformation.


powered by the Industrial Internet
drive transformation.

Avoid unplanned downtime


Real-time insight into equipment function down to the component level with machine sensors and big data analytics allows you to take proactive action for continuous operation.


savings at an oil and gas pipeline company


decrease in product defects for a manufacturer*

Transform your technology infrastructure


Leveraging advances in big data analytics, mobility, data visualization, and cloud computing changes the operating landscape of today's industrial companies.

Maximize profitability


Managing equipment assets with big-data analytics increases uptime, production, efficiency, and throughput. Using analytics for operational efficiencies can drive even greater profitability for industrial machines.


decreased rework for a manufacturer*


reduced inventory at a manufacturing plant*

Ready to make the Industrial Internet real?

The Industrial Internet is a journey—one that can lead your business to a new wave of productivity gains and performance optimization. To help you take the journey, GE has developed the Industrial Internet Maturity Model, a unique five-step model that enables you to:

  • Assess where your business is today on the spectrum of expected maturity or capabilities in terms of adopting the Industrial Internet
  • Determine where you want to be in the future
  • And understand the best solution pathway to help you achieve your business priorities

GE speaks optimization

Our Industrial Internet Maturity Model provides a solid solution path toward optimization. You can understand where your business is today in terms of adopting the Industrial Internet and determine where you want to be in the future. And hence, you can align the steps you are going to take with the right solutions that help you meet your business objectives.

Learn more about the five steps that build on each other to help you reach performance optimization:

Connect | Monitor | Analyze | Predict | Optimize


Provides the foundation to connect your machines and enables the collection of data from your assets and processes as well as management of that data to derive value.

How can you collect and disseminate all your process and operational data?


It begins with high-performance computing at the controller. Controllers configured with modular industrial PCs, where needed, provide a uniquely powerful control and computing solution. One that's capable of running HMI, historian, analytics and other higher-level applications right at the equipment.

The heart of a modern control infrastructure.


It's what you need to collect, store, and manage your industrial big data for unprecedented operational and process visibility. It's the foundation from which you can leverage higher-level analytics.


Focus on helping you understand the performance of your assets and processes, and visualize what events are happening.

Make the best decisions.


Data inputs to the historian can be presented in real-time visual form at the human machine interface (HMI), providing a window into your operations. Thus, you can precisely monitor and control processes and equipment, and make informed decisions for better, faster troubleshooting and control.

Visualization leads to understanding.


Once you've got a modern control infrastructure in place that connects your machines and data, you're ready to monitor your operations and gain greater visibility. Today's proven software combined with powerful operator interface solutions, enable real-time decision support, high performance, and reliability.


Helps determine the root cause of issues based on historical and real-time data so you understand relationships, correlations, and trends, and can effectively troubleshoot problems.

Dig deeper into your data.


To truly understand your operations, you need capabilities that provide process and operational analysis—turning data into actionable information. Utilizing real-time and historian data from relevant systems, advanced analytics enable you to monitor the health of your assets and processes for maximized uptime.

The industrial world has become increasingly mobile…


Today’s workers expect real-time operational intelligence (RtOI). With Industrial Internet-enabled solutions, the most critical information can be delivered in context to the right person at the right time. RtOI can include key performance indicators, alarm details, and causes—even digitized standard operating procedures on each alarm for preventative procedures.


Focuses on providing foresight into impending problems so you can avoid issues before they occur and drive greater process consistency and asset uptime.

Identify problems
before they happen.


Using advanced predictive analytics and diagnostics, you can monitor all your critical assets automatically and continuously, 24 x 7. Industrial Internet-enabled solutions can “learn” normal asset behavior and detect variances to provide early warnings of impending problems. And they provide diagnoses of equipment and process failures and prioritizations based on severity.


Maximizes the performance potential of your assets and processes to achieve your desired outcomes and leverage the benefits of the Industrial Internet.

The power of
the Industrial Internet
is at work.


Delivering powerful outcomes—from increased throughput, improved product quality and greater resource efficiency to shorter response times and other results—it’s transforming industry. Now you can not only meet your business goals, but exceed them. Are you ready to make the Industrial Internet real?

unprecedented value.


Connectivity between your machines, your data, and your people enable intelligent insights so you can get the most out of your processes and assets. You can drive smarter design, operations, and proactive maintenance as well as higher quality service and safety. Optimized performance leads to maximized ROI.