How do I solve problems before they happen?

Through a combination of data and analytics.

Data and analytics

By understanding your data, you can improve your asset health and processes to maximize production uptime. What’s more, you can detect and fix issues before they happen with powerful predictive analytics and diagnostics--thus improving your reliability, productivity, and profitability.

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Better data leads to better decisions

To succeed in today’s connected world, youv’e got to maximize the power of your data. Uncover the true meaning behind it. Understand the trends and patterns in your data. And bring it in context. It all starts with better data.

Welcome to the Industrial Internet

Dig deeper into your data

To truly understand your operations, you need capabilities that provide process and operational analysis--turning data into actionable information. Utilizing real-time and historian data from relevant systems, advanced analytics enable you to monitor the health of your assets and processes for maximized uptime.

You've got data, we've got answers

GE’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Center (IPRC) monitors critical rotating and non-rotating equipment plus key balance-of-plant equipment--for more than 70 customer sites globally in Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Aviation.




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Identify problems before they happen

Using advanced predictive analytics and diagnostics, you can monitor all your critical assets automatically and continuously, 24x7. Industrial Internet-enabled solutions can “learn” normal asset behavior and detect variances to provide early warnings of impending problems. And help you prioritize problems based on severity.

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