HMI Mimic

The HMI module is a cloud-based human machine interface (HMI) that allows you to monitor your production equipment and processes and provide remote support.

Systems can be monitored remotely using an Internet connection and a compatible browser. Offsite experts and stakeholders can provide diagnostic support for operators who are in direct contact with the physical systems being monitored by the HMI module.

The HMI module enables the creation of a custom digital representation (mimic) of multiple assets or processes in the context of an overall Asset Model that represents your production environment. The HMI module also provides a comprehensive alarm grid to display details about each alarm and event occurring for selected assets and processes.

The HMI module runs on an Asset Performance Management (APM) tenant. Each tenant has a unique Asset Model, database, and ingestion service that consumes time series data from one or more Field Agents. The Field Agent securely sends data from PLC and HMI/SCADA sources to the time series database.


Before You Begin

You will need the following:

  • CIMPLICTY or iFix software to create and export the mimic

  • Familliarity with how to use CIMPLICITY or iFix (training on how to use it to design a mimic is beyond the scope of this document)

  • APM tenant user account with the privledges needed to add a mimic to one or more assets



When creating a HMI mimic, note that the HMI Mimic tags should match the APM tag names configured and uploaded to APM, and not the tag name from the timeseries database.


Example HMI tags to asset tags mapping:


tag mapping

Tag Mapping

Uploading a Mimic

  1. In CIMEdit or iFix export the mimic in the “Web HMI” format.

  2. Log in to APM.

  3. Navigate the left navigation column “Tools” > “Mimic Management”.

  4. Select an asset.

  5. Select the “Custom” tab.

  6. Click the “Import Mimic” button.

  7. Select a Web HMI JSON export from Cimplicity or iFix.

  8. Click “Close”.

  9. In the “Associated to” drop down menu, select either “Just <Your Asset Name>” (for only the asset you’ve selected in the steps above) or “<Class Name> ASSET” (for all assets of the same type as the selected asset).

Uploading a Changed Mimic

  1. Log in to APM.

  2. Navigate the left navigation column “Tools” > “Mimic Management”.

  3. Select an asset.

  4. Select the “Custom” tab.

  5. Click on the Mimic you want to update.

  6. In the “Associated Assets” and “Associated Classifications” make note of all associations.

  7. Click the Trash icon on the Mimic that you want to upload a new version of.

  8. Click the “Import Mimic” button.

  9. Select a Web HMI JSON export from Cimplicity or iFix.

  10. Re-associate the new mimic version with all assets and classes.

Using the Mimic

  1. Log in to APM.

  2. Navigate the left navigation column “Essentials” > “Mimic”.

  3. Select an asset.


Here is a sample HMI mimic of a power generator:

Example HMI Mimic


Next Steps

Once a working HMI Mimic has been created, try adding it to a dashboard.



  1. Using Dashboard

  2. HMI Reference

  3. Troubleshooting