PACSystems High Availability





Flexible Redundancy Tailored to Your Needs

Billions of dollars are lost annually to unscheduled downtime in global process industries. Time is money. In today’s competitive markets, you need a redundant high availability system that maximizes uptime of your mission critical applications and provides concurrent maintainability, letting you change, troubleshoot and fix your process without stopping it.

At GE, we’re committed to making the promise of the Industrial Internet real for the machines you build, the operations you run, or the processes you control. High availability systems from GE connect brilliant machines, people, and data to make sure your mission critical applications achieve your maximum uptime requirements.

Building on GE’s market leadership and decades of expertise in mission critical backup power and critical cooling solutions, PACSystems High Availability with PROFINET is a flexible and intelligent high availability control system that ensures maximum uptime while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) through easier configuration, operation and maintenance.

Built on a scalable, synchronized, hot-standby redundancy control platform, our PACSystems High Availability solutions ensure uninterrupted control of your applications and processes with total transparency. They leverage industry-leading technologies to meet your needs for enhanced speed and performance, increased memory, built-in hardware redundancy and ease of use.

Tailor Your System

PACSystems High Availability with PROFINET gives you scalability without complexity. Configure a flexible, easy-to-use system to accommodate the unique uptime requirements of your operation. Open architecture allows for a mix of redundant I/O to meet application requirements for footprint, performance, environment, node distances, and price point. Connect to local devices like operator interfaces using other Ethernet protocols without adding extra hardware or impacting the determinism and integrity of your control network.

This is accomplished through the guaranteed prioritization of PROFINET traffic on a mixed-protocol I/O network.

Less Complexity Means Less Cost

With built-in Ethernet switches and media conversion, the system provides external point-to-point plug-in connectivity and seamless support for mixed network media types.

This means fewer devices to purchase, fewer external devices to configure and fewer spare parts to maintain. By installing the PACSystems High Availability with PROFINET solution, you can eliminate up to 30% of a high availability control system’s cost throughout its lifespan.

The PROFINET Advantage

GE standardized its control systems—from controllers down to I/O—on PROFINET, the leading open industrial standard. By enabling brilliant machines at the point of control, PROFINET accommodates the highly distributed control systems required by the Industrial Internet. The ability of PROFINET to connect simply, from the controller level up to the cloud, enables the on-machine storage, device-to-cloud connectivity, and embedded analytics that power the Industrial Internet.

PROFINET provides the backbone for all levels of system connectivity through seamless communications, more efficient configuration, and an enhanced human experience. It provides scalability without complexity and results in higher productivity, greater uptime, and improved performance.

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True Redundancy
  • True redundancy data synchronization with dual modules
  • Patented Control Memory Exchange (CMX) module synchronizes systems at the beginning and end of each logic scan provides rapid and bumpless switchover
Maximum Uptime
  • Best-in-class high availability control system for concurrent maintainability and elimination of single points of failure
  • Intelligent remote I/O facilitates controlled shutdowns at remote locations
Fast Transfer
  • High-speed memory sharing enables multiple devices to transfer large amounts of data over a fiber optic network
  • Transfer speeds up to 20 times faster than Ethernet
  • Fiber optic connections for operation in high-noise areas and coverage of large distances
  • Manual toggle switch for fast and easy switching between primary and secondary units
Plug & Play
  • Redundancy scheme configuration tools for GE and third-party PROFINET I/O
  • Drag and drop addition of PROFINET-enabled devices to meet your specific application needs
  • Add operator interfaces, SCADA and analytics from GE to create a customized, integrated platform
  • GE Information Security Technology Center certified to reduce risk of cyber attack
  • Achilles tested to mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Real-time network health monitoring
  • Advanced data collection, storage and retrieval enables process visualization, control, and analytics
  • Local and remote operations visibility and work process management enables cross-functional collaboration
  • Connect machines, data and people for optimal performance
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Built-in support for fiber and media conversion reduces external devices to purchase, configure and maintain
  • Four-port Ethernet switches eliminate the need for external connections
  • Smaller footprint, lower power requirements and reduced set-up time


Set yourself apart with the powerful capabilities of PACSystems High Availability, including:

  • Data size: Up to 2Mbytes of control data
  • Transfer rates: Up to 2.1 Gbytes per second
  • Distance between nodes: Up to 300 meters of distance

PACSystems High Availability with PROFINET keeps you up and running through:

  • Fail and recovery of either CPU
  • Fail and recovery of I/O nodes
  • Cable break and recovery of ring
  • Cable break and recovery while an I/O node is in maintenance mode
  • Cable break and recovery in either or both CPU redundancy links
  • Starting the system with a stand-alone CPU in “run” mode
  • Changing the hardware configuration or logic