PACSystems High Availability

Built on a scalable, synchronized, hot-standby redundancy control platform, our PACSystems High Availability solutions ensure uninterrupted control of your applications and processes with total transparency. They leverage industry-leading technologies to meet your needs for enhanced speed and performance, increased memory, built-in hardware redundancy and ease of use.

With PACSystems High Availability, operations globally are delivering results for a sustainable competitive advantage:

  • Minimized downtime through robust, dual redundancy capabilities
  • Increased productivity due to fast, powerful synchronization and the ability to maintain individual system components without interruption
  • Maximum protection of your investments with flexible, scalable, open architectures
  • Time savings and reduced engineering costs with easy configuration and quick startup and maintenance
  • Increased data integrity through advanced memory error checking and correction (ECC)

Unlike other solutions, PACSystems High Availability offers true dual redundancy data synchronization with dual modules. The controllers have dedicated, redundant links to one another and operate synchronously with virtually no overhead added to the control application—transferring all of your application’s variables, status and I/O data on every scan with speed and transparency.


Fast, full system synchronization

At the heart of PACSystems High Availability is GE Intelligent Platforms’s unique, patented redundancy Control Memory Xchange (CMX) module, based on reflective memory technology. It synchronizes your systems at the beginning and end of each logic scan execution to keep all variable data the same—providing rapid and bumpless switchover.


More memory, faster transfer rates and greater efficiency

PACSystems’ high-speed memory sharing enables multiple devices to transfer large amounts of data over a fiber optic deterministic network at speeds of up to 20 times faster than Ethernet. The use of fiber optic connections allows you to easily operate in high-noise areas and cover large distances in real time; a manual toggle switch enables you to easily change control between primary and secondary units.

Set yourself apart with the powerful capabilities of PACSystems High Availability, including:

Data size: Up to 2Mbytes of control data

Transfer rates: Up to 2.1 Gbytes per second.

Distance between nodes: Up to 300 meters of distance

PACSystems offers options

Not every high availability solution is alike, so we offer high availability with both of our PACSystems platforms. With both options, PACSystems RX3i High Availability and PACSystems RX7i High Availability, you can choose the solution that best meets your redundancy needs. PACSystems RX7i High Availability may be an ideal choice for applications that require a VME open platform and faster processing requirements such as those needed for steel and paper mills. PACSystems RX3i High Availability may be better for applications such as waste water processing facilities where the data rate is not as intensive.

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