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We specialize in Training Services that maximize your technology investment: Open Enrollment, On-Site & Custom training; Distance & Online Learning; Needs assessment & training consultation; Simulators.

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Open Enrollment Training.

GE has a global network of regional training centers offering world-class technical training for maintenance, operations, and engineering personnel. Open Enrollment training allows students to interact and network with peers while enjoying focused access to an expert instructor.

All classes are delivered by GE IP certified instructors using GE IP authorized training materials.

Online Learning.

Each course is geared toward performance objectives to provide learners with practical conceptual knowledge, valuable skills and interactive assessments for immediate feedback.

All online modules are taken through your web browser and your progress is tracked - so you can leave and resume training per your schedule.

Onsite & Custom Training.

Need to get a team started with new technology? On-site training can be quite cost effective - even for as few as four students - when you take into consideration how much you’ll save on travel time and expenses. Add to this the benefits of maintaining local access to your team should you need them during the training period. Finally. Onsite training presents an opportunity to customize and focus the material and, as a result, shorten the session.

Needs Assessment & Consulting.

We will perform a training needs assessment for your organization and help design customized courses, curriculums and delivery to support the specific skill requirements found in your project life-cycle.

Distance Learning.

Distance Learning is designed to provide flexible access to a virtual training environment. Now you can enrol and take training that accommodates your work commitments and schedule. Our virtual classrooms unite the benefits of instructor-led education and self-directed study.


Train your personnel, test components and debug programs without taking systems out of production. Our classroom simulators are available to meet your training, development and maintenance requirements. We also develop custom simulators that match the equipment configuration in your operation to maximize your benefits.

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