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GE Speaks Productivity

Unlimited Performance Insight, Unlimited Potential

The Industrial Internet provides unprecedented access to critical data. GE enables you to optimize that potential through real-time analytics, high-performance control, and remote connectivity for increased productivity. Even a 1% improvement in performance can make a significant difference on the bottom line. Connected data makes it possible.

Connecting machine level data with the latest SCADA technology from GE helps deliver data-driven insight. So you can better understand your operations, assets, and processes that impact productivity.

Connected Software: The future of HMI/SCADA is here

GE’s latest high performance SCADA solutions help you to leverage the potential of connected machines and maximize ROI. As data is generated at unprecedented levels from connected hardware, GE’s SCADA solutions enable you to effectively capture and record that data. So you can gain deep operational insights and make data-driven decisions, delivering the promise of the Industrial Internet.

With our proven solutions, your SCADA system can operationally deliver:

  • A robust platform with industry-high system uptime
  • The ability to sustainably incorporate mobile and multi-window devices
  • Easy access to real-time analytics that can drive operational efficiencies
  • Better alarm management and tools to drive customized solutions

Connected Machines: Simplify your system with RX3i and PROFINET

It all begins with high-performance computing at the controller. PROFINET®, the high-speed, open platform industrial Ethernet protocol, provides quick, easy, and cost-effective connection to all levels of your operation—anywhere, anytime. Leverage the Industrial Internet to benefit from higher speed, higher performance and much greater efficiency in managing distributed assets.

GE’s PROFINET high availability system is fault-tolerant and relies on an RX3i control architecture and high-speed PROFINET backbone that can be configured without the use of network switches. This means fewer components to support and maintain, and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Simple configuration, maintenance and operation
  • Single point of connect, no matter the distance
  • Fewer external devices to purchase and configure, and fewer spare parts to maintain
  • High-speed communication for real-time control

GE’s Proficy Software makes efficiency gains real for Cornell

See how the world famous Cornell University was able to achieve 40% faster off- hours troubleshooting, increased energy savings, improved reliability and higher equipment uptime with GE’s Proficy software solutions. Learn how our SCADA, Historian and Mobile products facilitated better, faster decisions, resulting in powerful outcomes.

GE Connected Control System Virtually Eliminates Downtime

Discover how Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company, reduced production costs by improving energy efficiency and process control. By installing a high-availability GE hardware and software automation solution, Mekorot virtually eliminated downtime and streamlined its operations.