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Title Short Description Catégorie Form Factor Processor Ruggedization
mCOM10-L1500 Rugged COM Express Module

Rugged COM Express Module for applications requiring a small form factor and low power consumption on a type 10 COM Express platform.

COM Express COM Express mini, Type 10 AMD Embedded G-Series SOC
bCOM6-L1400 Rugged COM Express Module

With advanced support for multiple graphic functions and high-end computing

COM Express COM Express Basic, Type 6 Intel Core i7
bCOM6-L1200 Rugged COM Express Module

With advanced support for multiple graphic functions and high-end computing

COM Express COM Express Basic, Type 6 Intel Core i7
Proficy Mobile

Faster response – anywhere anytime – with information in context to equipment, location and role with Proficy Mobile

Logiciel HMI/SCADA
Proficy Agent

Get trusted remote industrial data communications and reduce network complexity with Proficy Agent

Logiciel HMI/SCADA
Proficy Knowledge Center

GE’s asset management software provides deep operational visibility into your fleet of assets for maximized productivity and performance.

Data & Analytics, Data Management
Proficy Historian HD

An Industrial Big Data historian that enables businesses to more rapidly analyze and optimize assets and processes while using next-generation Big Data technologies.

Data & Analytics, Data Management
VersaMax IP

Modular IP67 I/O for harsh environment

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Proficy CSense

Software that monitors both assets and industrial processes to pinpoint causes of process variation and optimize performance, improving yield and quality.

Advanced Analytics
Proficy Historian Analysis

An easy-to-use Web-based tool that allows you to get immediate value from your Proficy Historian process data.

Data Management
Durus The Durus controller is a compact simple relay replacer. The Durus supports discrete and analog I/O.
QuickPanel Control The QuickPanel Control combines visualization and control into one hardware platform. The QuickPanel supports a wide range of I/O types.
RX3i High speed I/O

RX3i high speed, high density I/O is designed for mission critical discrete and process applications. The rack-based I/O offers advanced diagnostics and outstanding flexibility, with a wide range of standard and advanced I/O.

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VersaMax I/O

Modular, high-density VersaMax I/O is versatile, compact, and affordable.

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VersaSafe Machine Safety I/O

SIL 3 Machine Safety I/O

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RSTi Slice I/O

RSTi compact, distributed I/O unlocks the continuity, connectivity, and collaboration for your control systems.

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Genius I/O

Distributed I/O blocks for process control

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PAC8000 I/O

Harsh Environment Process I/O

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Series 90-30

The Series 90-30 controller has been designated as mature. The PACSystems* RX3i controller is recommended as an alternative.

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PAC8000 Controllers

PAC8000 Controllers are designed specifically to provide a solution where a controller needs to be field mounted in the extreme environments found in process applications. The PAC8000 Controller consists of a Process Controller, Logic Controller, and Hybrid Controller which combines the capabilities of both.

Contrôleurs d'Automatisation Programmables
AT2-5800-10G High-performance packet processing for ATCA applications needing the performance of dual 16-core processors. 8U Single Slot ATCA

High-performance dual processor SBC for ATCA applications.

8U ATCA - Single Slot
RXi Displays

The full-featured RXi display offers multi-touch control of industrial processes in a widescreen, slim-designed panel PC. Its highly durable, superior power is designed for the factory floor.

Ordinateurs Industriels, Interfaces Opérateur & Panel PCs
Wolverine III

The ATEX Zone 2 and C1D2-rated Wolverine III is engineered to perform in harsh, hazardous environments. Rugged and upgradeable, it can withstand salt, spray, dust, shock, and extreme temperatures.

Ordinateurs Industriels, Interfaces Opérateur & Panel PCs