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Reduce lifting costs and improve performance for a more profitable future.

A Field Vantage™ Asset Performance Management assessment helps make your artificial lift operations more cost-efficient.

Field Vantage

Asset Performance Management

Field Vantage from GE Predictivity™ is designed to help you stay on top of your field and in control of your wells while increasing production and reducing lifting costs. It starts with a complimentary Asset Performance Management (APM) assessment conducted by our experts, at the end of which you’ll receive a tailored proposal for optimizing your assets. To learn more about scheduling an APM assessment, fill out the form.

Improve Efficiency

Data-driven insights for better, faster decision-making

  • Visualize Operators are more effective when they can visualize operational data. With Field Vantage, you get well, field and operation-wide visualization, life cycle management and prioritized alerts to enable efficient rig and crew deployments across your complete artificial lift operation.
  • Predict By taking a more proactive approach, operators can greatly reduce risk and variability. Field Vantage helps you anticipate which equipment issues are likely to cause production deferments so you can minimize unplanned work-over, deploy resources proactively and minimize lost production.
  • Optimize Ensuring optimal pump flow is essential to meeting production targets. Field Vantage’s advanced logic monitors and recommends operational set points to optimize production, reduce power usage and maximize run life.

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Field Vantage APM

Move toward predictive, proactive operations

with a Field Vantage Asset Performance Management assessment

Learn more about scheduling an assessment and discover how leading-edge software solutions from GE can improve production while reducing variability and costs.

Prepare. Collaborate. Advicse

Ideal for companies that want to:

  • Evaluate assets based on relative performance
  • Accurately predict maintenance costs and spare parts inventory
  • Get insight into failure history and quantify failure impact
  • Optimize production based on usage pattern
  • Differentiate their business from the competition
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