WEBINAR - The Smart Operator: Using Decision Support HMI/SCADA to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs


With just a glance, today’s operators should be able to recognize which information requires their attention and what it indicates. They should know potential problems and the right actions to take.

Join us during this one-hour webinar on enabling the Smart Operator with Decision Support HMI/SCADA. You’ll learn proven tips and strategies to:

  • » Leverage your HMI/SCADA as the foundation for an efficient operation
  • » Drive the right response on the alarms that matter
  • » Increase consistency and conformance to standards
  • » Improve accountability on task completion
  • » Prevent mistakes, quickly identify problems, and get on-demand support

Today’s SCADA is not just monitoring and visualization, with alarms rolling in. Your HMI/SCADA should be a decision support system, enabling teams for their best performance. With Decision Support HMI/SCADA, you can achieve critical business outcomes – achieving higher efficiency, reducing waste, and increasing productivity. 

Immediately following the presentation is a Q&A session moderated by Automation World Editor-in-chief, David Greenfield.