Uptime in the Age of Cloud Computing: Bringing Industrail Automation into a Connected World

Monday, November 18, 2013 -
5:10pm to 7:00pm

24 X 7 Exchange, Break out B, JW Marriott San Antonio, United States

Uptime in the Age of Cloud Computing: Bringing Industrial Automation into a Connected World

Collaboration increases productivity, reduces development time, and improves quality. With a collaborative cloud environment, enterprises can more easily share thoughts and ideas across industry forums where feedback and advice can be provided in real-time. Additionally, the cloud environment creates a community approach to solving problems for a more effective resolution. This is especially important for industries that stand to gain the most from ensuring the uptime of their equipment for safety, productivity, and cost reasons. This session will describe how a collaborative cloud atmosphere can maintain the uptime of mission-critical enterprise infrastructure to keep systems running in today’s connected world.

Steve Pavlosky
General Manager, Control & Communication Systems
GE Intelligent Platforms