The Industrial Internet is here: Leveraging big data with an M&D center


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Harness Industrial Big Data

Now is the time to prepare your enterprise for the Industrial Internet by building a proper data-management structure to leverage your Industrial Big Data.

GE Intelligent Platforms is introducing its Proficy Monitoring & Analysis Suite to help you do just that.

It is the first and only M&D solution that addresses exponentially growing industrial data sets, combines asset health with process optimization, and does it all more cost effectively.

The suite provides:

  • The data-management infrastructure necessary to collect, archive, and distribute tremendous volumes of real-time information at extremely high speeds.
  • The tools to visualize role-based data.
  • The analysis capabilities to predict and diagnose equipment problems and, at the same time, optimize processes.
  • The ability to reduce costs by using an integrated solution, centralized domain expertise, and the professional services of GE.

How will things change?

In this webinar, learn how GE Aero uses the Proficy Monitoring & Analysis Suite to enable its business. You’ll learn how they:

  • Have become more productive with the same staffing levels
  • More than doubled customer “saves”
  • Increased customer fleet efficiency from 68% to 93%
  • Provided net additional $4.5 million operating value to customers


Scott Duhaime
Product Manager,
GE Intelligent Platform

Joe Gollapalli
Knowledge Solutions Manager,
GE Aero


David Frede
Marketing Lead
Industrial Data Intelligence,
GE Intelligent Platform