The Essential Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Center


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Big data is good. If you can harness it.

For decades, technology has connected people and businesses globally. But, that was just the beginning. The Internet now can transform global businesses, joining human insight with remote operations and equipment. It does this with DATA.

Every minute, throughout your entire operation, you generate massive amounts of data. You do your best to collect, store, analyze, and act on it. You can turn it into insight—and even develop foresight from it—to empower your business strategy and execution.

The problem

Without a data-management structure, all your data can become inaccessible, unmanageable, and uncorrelated—and it even can sit idle.

Now is the time to prepare your enterprise for the “Industrial Internet” by building a proper data-management structure—so you can leverage the power of Industrial Big Data.

How GE Power & Water did it.

In this first webinar in a series, we’ll focus on GE Power & Water, which has 60,000+ customers and thousands of assets in the field. This company will discuss why it needed to take control of its data—and how it built its data-management structure via a Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Center (RM&D).

This webinar will answer:

  • How can an RM&D Center improve customer responsiveness?
  • How can it move from “reactive” to “proactive?”
  • How does an RM&D Center drive competitive advantage?
  • How does it expand sales-revenue?
  • Can an RM&D Center track performance and accuracy?


John Leppiaho
Product General Manager
Operations Data Management Software
GE Intelligent Platform

Steven Davis
Senior Product Manager
GE Power & Water


David Frede
Marketing Lead
Industrial Data Intelligence
GE Intelligent Platform