Monday, September 23, 2013 (All day) to Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (All day)

Las Vegas, NV, United States

A comprehensive showcase of packaging, processing and integrated solutions.  Stop by Booth # 7332 to talk to GE experts about your food safety and packaging challenges. And, join us at the Innovation Stage and Food Safety Resource Center to discuss the latest innovations in packaging and food safety operation

Innovation Stage

Monday 23rd Sept (1 – 1:30 pm): The New Age of the Industrial Internet – Barry Lynch, Global Industry Manager Consumer Packaged Goods at GE Intelligent Platforms

While technology has connected people and businesses globally for decades, this is just the start. Today, businesses can leverage the power of connectivity with the Industrial Internet - an open global network that connects people, data and machines. Get ready to drive new levels of business performance

Tuesday 24th Sept (2-2:30 pm): Leveraging Industrial Big Data – Brian Courtney, GM Industrial Data Intelligence at GE Intelligent Platforms

Information is at the heart of competition and growth, and companies that can leverage the vast amounts of data being generated from their operations will come out ahead. Discover how GE’s Hadoop-based software platform for high-volume machine data management enables you to leverage your industrial big data for optimized performance.

Wednesday 25th Sept (11-11:30 am): Improving Food Safety – Katie Moore, Global Industry Manager - Food and Beverage at GE Intelligent Platforms

The imperative for food and beverage manufacturers to improve food safety has never been greater. GE’s proven food safety solution offers a holistic approach that delivers mobile real-time operational data and insights to improve your efficiency, quality and productivity. Find out how you can set the course to “Do No Harm,” protecting your consumers and your brand.


Food Safety Resource Center ( Booth 7332 Upper South Hall)

Monday 23rd Sept (2:30-3 pm): Track and Trace: Improve Food Safety by Leveraging Raw Material Intelligence Katie Moore, Global Industry Manager - Food and Beverage at GE Intelligent Platforms

Manufacturers that use traceability information to improve food safety can virtually prevent recalls instead trying to minimize the impact after a recall occurs. With advanced software, you can trace a product throughout every step of the manufacturing process so you know the origin and destination of all incoming materials and outgoing finished goods—improving food safety by leveraging raw material intelligence.

Tuesday 24th Sept (12:30-1 pm):  Ensuring Operators Consistently Comply to HACCP Requirements Using Digital Work Processes – Katie Moore, Global Industry Manager - Food and Beverage at GE Intelligent Platforms

Help your operators consistently adhere to recipes and comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) with standardized operating procedures (SOPs). The latest workflow software digitizes your work processes to electronically guide operators with step-by-step instructions for greater consistency and reliability. It helps automate and manage HACCP monitoring, integrating production work processes with real-time HACCP testing and enabling faster response to compliance issues.

Wednesday 25th Sept (9:45-10:15 am): Ensuring Food Safety by Safeguarding Processes and Quality within Your Supply Chain – Jeff Bartoletti, Business Leader, Manufacturing Food Safety at GE Intelligent Platforms

Optimize product quality and minimize food-borne hazards across production and the supply chain. By establishing a holistic, integrated strategy with the right set of software capabilities, you can leverage the critical insight, consistency, and transparency needed to identify and address potential food safety issues while products are still within the factory walls.