Mark VIeS - A Safety Management Solution for Today's Connected World

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 -
9:00am to 1:00pm

GE Oil & Gas, United Kingdom

Join this exclusive GE Seminar dedicated to the latest Safety Management Solution based on well-know Mark VI solution.

Discover how GE can help build your next generation safety systems.

In today’s world of brilliant machines, the convergence of connectivity and safety requires different design than in the past era of safety solutions.

During this seminar GE will introduce you to the MarkVIeS Safety Management Solution and how Ethernet, the flexible, high speed, low-cost communications layer, is being introduced at the lowest level of control system architecture — the rack.

Rack-based systems of various shapes, sizes, and descriptions have been the norm in the DCS and SIS environment. We will examine the benefits of the Ethernet-based system with regards to system design phase, operations and maintenance, and overall lifecycle impacts. Bringing Ethernet to the control system as a replacement for the control system rack enables the connectivity and integration required in the age of the Industrial Internet.

You will also see how GE will help with the more stringent safety regulations and system certification requirements and greater scrutiny of program and operator integrity. This seminar is specific for Safety Engineers, Process Engineers, Maintenance Managers and  Oil & Gas Industry experts.

Commercial and Technical Staff will be present to discuss any of your upcoming projects. Buffet Lunch offered by GE.