Digitizing Complex Discrete Manufacturing Processes to Accelerate Your Competitiveness


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Are you ready to take the MES digitization journey? As your business operates in an increasingly global and competitive business environment, digitized processes are enabling companies to achieve lower costs, higher quality, and faster production.

In this webinar, GE shares insights into the critical role MES digitization plays in complex discrete manufacturing for increased competitiveness and how you can achieve full digitization. You’ll learn about:

  • GE’s proven step-by-step methodology for MES digitization

  • The power of digitization enabled by today’s software technologies

  • The journey toward more effective operations and supply chain optimization

  • Operational visibility and the elimination of non-value added production time

Don’t miss this informative webinar to find out how digitization can accelerate your competitiveness. 

Immediately following the presentation is a Q&A session moderated by Automation World Deputy Editor Renee R. Bassett.