Decrease your HMI/SCADA risk

Thursday, October 16, 2014 -
8:00am to 1:00pm

Webex, United States

Decrease your HMI/SCADA risk 
Key steps to minimize unplanned downtime and protect your organization 

Are you running your plant operations with serious risk? With outdated system architectures, unsupported software and obsolete hardware, your system reliability decreases – while your risk and potential for disaster increases. 

Join us during this one-hour webinar, as GE shares proven strategies and tips to:

  • Understand the common areas of HMI/SCADA risk – including examples from peers 
  • Secure support within your organization and assess your HMI/SCADA risk 
  • Prioritize and remediate areas of risk before disaster 
  • Monitor future opportunities for risk and take action quickly

With the number of attacks on industrial applications rising and the critical need for HMI/SCADA system availability, take simple steps now to minimize risk. You can decrease unplanned downtime while helping to protect your organization.