EQI2018 Quick Start

Equipment Insight 2018 Quick Start Guide

The Equipment Insight solution quickly and cost-effectively transforms raw data into actionable information. It aligns the state of the customer asset with its health. Alerts, analysis, and key performance indicator (KPI) data is used to improve asset availability and optimize equipment via better maintenance insight.

With the preconfigured and scalable Equipment Insight solution, OEMs can better understand how customers use their machines, while helping their users optimize asset performance, processes and profitability.


User Process
User Process


This quick start guide will help users start using Equipment Insight at the departure of the GE Professional Services team and be able to self-service in monitoring their assets.


Before You Begin

You will need the following:

  • Equipment Insight 2018 (EQI2018) - Your visualization dashboard and device management.

    • Asset Performance Management - APM (GE Digital APM)

    • Device Management (Predix Edge Manager)

  • Deployment Report - Your access and machine information as configured by GE Professional Services.



Can’t wait to get started? Here we provide instructions and references to walk you through the steps needed to configure your new EQI2018 solution.

Process Map

Process Map



  1. Add new users
  2. Add new assets to the device manager
  3. Manage assets on APM





  1. Troubleshooting & FAQs
  2. Field Agents Landing Page
  3. Field Agents User Guide (GFK-2993)
  4. Field Agent Machine Adapters Landing Page
  5. Field Agent Machine Adapters User Guide (GFK-3019)
  6. Field Agent Configuration Tool

Additional instructions may also be found in the help pages of your APM Tenant.

Need additional help? Contact support at http://www.geautomation.com/contact-us.