Establishing Change Management to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Establishing Change Management to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership Hardly anyone likes change. Yet most of us must embrace it on a near-daily basis. Nowhere is change more frequent and constant than in a manufacturing plant. Managing such a dynamic environment efficiently and effectively requires special skills and tools which, when properly applied to HMI/SCADA systems, can help manage operational, regulatory, and quality issues; heighten production efficiency by reducing errors and downtime; and monitor and control automation projects. While some might say this is a monumental task that is easier said than done, today’s high-technology world enables the application of software systems to help realize these goals. These change management solutions—as they have come to be called—provide analysis and reporting tools, methods for optimizing engineering practices through system life cycles and means for managing automation projects. They may be implemented with relative ease, are cost justifiable and reap a variety of quantifiable benefits.

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