Blaser Swisslube AG

It is probably one of the most renowned physical principles: friction generates heat. This is an unwanted byproduct in numerous applications. Such an example can be found in separating manufacturing processes. Material abrasion occurring in mechanical applications leads to immense quantities of heat being generated between the component and tool. This heat can also adversely affect both the surface and properties of the component. Cooling lubricant facilitates the removal of heat from the effective area as much as possible and therefore changes the structure of the component and tool edge layers. In order to ensure the ideal heat removal capacity of this cooling lubricant, without affecting the processed material or generating severe mist or fog and hindering the worker during the process, extensive expertise is required in manufacturing the cooling lubricant. Furthermore, utilizing real-time visualization and control systems during the manufacturing of the cooling lubricant saves money and makes an important contribution in protecting the environment.

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