Graphics & Video Boards

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Our graphics subsystems are based on high performance commercial chips for state-of-the-art image quality and capabilities.  Our video solutions provide data capture, processing, storage, compression, decompression, and display capabilities for a wide range of applications. Using high-performance FPGA and DSP technology, our solutions deliver the performance and ease-of-use required in these demanding environments.

Active Products

Product Nameabsteigend sortieren Form Factor Chip Set I/O Cooling Conformal Coating Extended Temperature Range
GRA112 Graphics Board VPX 3U NVIDIA EXK107 GPU CVBS, DVI, NTSC, PAL, RS-170, S-Video, VGA Air, Conduction Option Yes
GRA113D Graphics Board VPX 3U NVIDIA GM107 GPU DVI, RGB, VGA Air, Conduction Option Yes
IPN250 Multiprocessor VPX 6U NVIDIA GT 240 CUDA-Capable GPU DVI/HDMI/VGA, GbE, PCIe, USB, SATA, GPIO, Audio, TV Input, Serial Air, Conduction, Spray Option Yes
IPN251 Intel/NVIDIA Multiprocessor VPX 6U NVIDIA EXK107 GPU 10Gb Ethernet(fibre), Audio, DVI, Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, RS-170, SATA, Serial, USB, VGA Air, Conduction, Air flow-through VITA 48.5 Option Yes
mCOM10-K1 Mini COM Express COM Express mini, Type 10 NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, HDMI or DV1, LVDS, SATA, Serial, USB Air, Conduction Option Yes
VIM2 Mezzanine Mezzanine Virtex-4 TV, RGB, DVI Air, Conduction Option Yes
XMCGA7 Mezzanine XMC AMD Radeon E6460 DVI, VGA Air, Conduction Option Yes
Product Nameabsteigend sortieren Short Description
GRA111 Graphics Board

GRA111 is a 3U VPX board with state-of-the-art NVIDIA GT 240 GPU bringing desktop performance to the rugged Military and Aerospace market.

NPN240 Multiprocessor

Dual NVIDIA® CUDA™-enabled processors for creating rugged computers with potential performance in the thousands of gigaFLOPS.

Product Nameabsteigend sortieren Short Description
G2 Graphics PMC Module The G2 Graphics PMC Module Family provides a powerful ATI Radeon® 9000 based 3D grahics processor for multiple display and video capture capability in a single PMC.
G2 Riser Modules The G2 Riser Modules provide front panel I/O access for all G2 Graphics PMC outputs and inputs.
GRA110 The GRA110 is the first graphics board to be announced in the 3U VPX form factor. Bringing desktop performance to the rugged market, the GRA110 represents a step change in capability for the embedded systems integrator. With outstanding functionality, to
Octegra3 Octegra3 is a video & graphics overlay engine designed to present multiple sensor images to deliver superior situational awareness.
P2-VIDEO P2-Video is a general purpose CRT and LCD video graphics controller adapter in PC-MIP format.
PMC-7463 The PMC-7463 is a PMC-based DVI/SVGA video adapter.
PMC-VIDEOPLUS The PMC-VIDEOPLUS high-resolution CRT video graphics controller for PMC supports a variety of SVGA/CRT monitors in single-display configurations.
PMCCG1 PMCCG1 Rugged PMC Graphics Mezzanine Module, S3 2300E GPU, PCI-X, PMC, RS-170, NTSC, PAL
PMCGA3 PMCGA3 is designed to deliver high levels of graphics performance fro the rugged marketplace. Based on the 3Dlabs P9 Visual Processing Unit, It offers lower power alternative to the PMCGA4.
PMCGA4 PMCGA4 is a market-leading graphics accelerator card designed from inception for the defense and aerospace markets. Using 3DLabs groundbreaking P10 Visual Processing Unit (VPU) at its core, it is capable of delivering the highest levels of performance in
SE1 The SE1 is a Pentium M based high-performance graphics card, biring the power of desktop gaming to the aerospace and defense market.
SE2 SE2 - High Performance Graphics Engine - Intel Core 2 Duo processor with NVIDIA GPU in a single slot VMEbus (VXS enabled) board.
Telum 2001-VGA Telum 2001-VGA provides a high-quality, high-performance graphics adapter for an AdvancedMC carrier board. It supports a variety of SVGA/CRT monitors in a single display configurations. This AdvancedMC is ideal for board development applications.
XMCGA6 XMCGA6 - XMC High Performance Graphics Board based on NVIDIA G72/73 GPU technology.