Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Analysis allows you to visualize and analyze data from sensors on assets. You can explore the time series data related to selected assets, investigating potential issues with the assets.


Before You Begin

You will need the following:



These steps are intended to walk you through the process. Please refer to the help section in your APM tenant for more information and instructions.

  1. Log in to APM.
  2. On the left navigation column, select “Essentials” > “Analysis”.
  3. Select the asset that you want to visualize the data for.
  4. Select the date range and click “Apply”.
  5. Select a Chart Type that you want to graph for.
  6. Drag the tags from the Tag Browser window into the chart area.
    • To remove the tag from the chart, under the Plotted Tags window, find the tag you want to remove, hover and click on the “x” button.


Here is a sample data visualization of a generator’s current data in the span of one day:

Data Analysis Sample
Data Analysis Sample


Next Steps

Once you know how to visualize your data, learn how to use dashboards or policy designer.



  1. Troubleshooting & FAQs
  2. Adding Asset(s)
  3. Dashboards