Dashboards in APM

Dashboards can be customized to allow you to view and display performance information for your site.


Before You Begin

You will need the following:

  • APM tenant with user privileges needed to create / modify dashboards



  1. Log in to APM.

  2. On the left navigation column, select “Essentials” > “GE Dashboards”.

  3. Click the “Create New” button.

  4. In the “Custom Card” section of the page, click the “Add” button.

  5. In “General Settings”, add a “Title” which will be the name of the dashboard.

  6. Click the “Save” button.

  7. From the “SELECT ASSET CONTEXT” button, choose a source by browsing to an asset, selecting it, and clicking the “Open” button.

  8. On the new dashdoard in the “Custom Card”, click the down arrow (‘V’ shape), it will expand into a menu from which select “Edit Card”.

    1. Click the “Add Widget” button.

    2. Click the “Add” button on your selected widget.

    3. When you hover your mouse over the new widget, a pencil will appear in the upper right corner. Click it to edit the widget settings.

    4. Next to Data in the Settings section, click the ‘+’ to select tags to associate and source data to the widget.

      • From the Tag Browser, drag the desired tags into the chart area.

    5. Update any other widget settings as desired.

    6. Click the “Done” button when you are finished.

    7. To add more widgets, hover over the current widget and click a ‘+’ button that will show up along an edge and repeat the indented steps above to configure it.

  9. Click the “Save” button.


Here is a sample dashboard with multiple generic widgets:

Example Dashboard


Next Steps

Once a working Dashboard has been created, try adding a HMI Mimic.



  1. Dashboard Documentation
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