Fortune 50 Manufacturer Reduces Variation and Reaches New Levels of Performance

Sustained Equipment Effectiveness rates in low 90

Labor savings (reduced rates and overtime) due to recovered capacity

Better material planning from clear understanding of effective capacity

A complex product mix and variations in equipment age and configurations

Having established a solid foundation of automation and visualization for local process management, the operations leaders of this snack producer were determined to drive end-to-end improvements. With a complex product mix and variations in machine configurations and ages across plants, the team needed a solution that could deliver a single performance analysis regimen with meaningful insight.

And, to reach the next level of performance, they knew they would need to integrate individual assets and processes into a broader solution that would allow reporting and analysis from material receiving through packaging. GE’s Asset Performance Solutions became their basis for Operational Excellence.

How did GE’s solution help?

GE’s Asset Performance Management solution provided an asset, event and material modeling capability that allowed meaningful comparisons between different production lines and different plants. Further, GE’s solution enabled the disparate data from widely-varying automation systems to be processed through a logic engine. Reaching a common interpretation of machine events did not require extensive automation reprogramming.

  • Line supervisors and operators now visualize all orders downloaded from their planning system with real-time updates on make vs. plan and can subsequently adjust labor and equipment in real time, alleviating end-of-the-day surprises on orders not complete.
  • Maintenance teams now synchronize their planned downtime schedules in the system so operators, engineering and planning personnel are all working from one real-time production planning schedule.
  • Line material planners can visualize all the orders downloaded from their planning system running on the line, ensuring materials are ready prior to orders being released and run on the production lines.
  • Real-time visibility along with order completion data enables the overall supply chain to drive toward areas of improvement and waste (low turnover) material reductions.

Greater Reliability
Greater Performance

With the variations between assets smoothed out, the operations team was able to use GE’s wide array of standard dashboard views and reports to serve the needs of various stakeholders. Straightforward production performance analysis enables line workers, supervisors and material coordinators to track progress against orders and coordinate activities. Deeper, multi-dimensional analysis of throughput and quality gives continuous improvement insights needed to engineer greater reliability and predictability into production lines.

Real-time visibility across assets and processes helped this Fortune 50 Manufacturer achieve greater levels of production efficiency while lowering overall operating costs.

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