Configuration Management Service

plm config

Our technology insertion philosophy allows customers to seamlessly integrate new, higher performance hardware technologies while retaining form, fit and function and application software compatibility. This capability is enormously attractive to companies in the defense and aerospace market where the life of a program is often measured in decades.

In addition, these companies have invested significant time and effort in detailed system integration and validation, and they want to be an integral part of the configuration management/change approval process throughout the life of the program. Controlling the configuration is an important part of their risk-reduction strategy. Our Configuration Management Service is designed for these customers.

Configuration Management is available as a paid service, and enables customers to choose one of two options: they can choose to be informed of the changes as they occur, or they may choose to be party to approval of the changes, and therefore to control the configuration baseline.

Configuration Management is available for system and subsystem products. The process generates a manufacturing data package which identifies and records both the hardware and software configurations. These include, for example: build state; address mapping; I/O configurations; BSP, Drivers and BIT diagnostic firmware requirements; and revision level status of the system elements. Controlled configuration ensures that later purchases of the same equipment will be identical to the original.

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Configuration Management Option

The GE optional Configuration Management Service is subject to an additional fee and must be specifically ordered at the time of the first order for which the service is required.

Configuration Management orders are accepted only with an initial minimum order quantity and a specific Change Notification Contact person within the customer's organization. The Configuration Service is available with two options:

Option 1:
Customers are notified within a fixed period of changes being implemented on a standard product and advised:

  • That a change has been implemented
  • The nature and reason for the change
  • The earliest serial number on which the change will be implemented
  • The date of the first shipment of products incorporating the change

Option 2:
Any Request for Change (RFC) made and approved by GE regarding the product is subsequently submitted to the customer for approval. This option effectively represents a ‘design freeze' on the product in question, with only the customer able to unfreeze the design.