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Brilliant Machine

Brains Meet Brawn: Embedded Strength in Brilliant Machines

Since his recent peek into the industrial sector, which left him pleasantly surprised, regular Connected Battlefield contributor Rubin Dhillon has been drawing connections between several burgeoning areas in the era of the Industrial Internet. Here he shares yet more insight from his unique perspective. Have you seen GE’s series of “Brilliant Machines” commercials that ran a little while back? You know the ones that feature KITT (Knight Rider),...


Trends: 5 More

Trends: 5 More for 2015

Now that the holiday season is wrapped up, everyone seems intent on making predictions for the future. This is an annual ritual (along with the usual exercise and weight loss resolutions, Oscar buzz and corporate motivational speeches). While I am no clairvoyant, there are a number of things that seem pretty obvious as trends for the coming year in the embedded computing domain, and while these trends look to continue for some time further, the...



HPEC: 5 Ways the Boundaries Will Blur in 2015

I’ve been around the computer industry way too long. But I still get excited about embedded computing—and where I am at present, helping drive our HPEC initiative, there’s plenty of reasons to get excited because we keep being able to do so much more than, once upon a time, we could ever dream of. 2015 will see the familiar landscape of HPEC stretch, flex and grab some serious attention. Here’s what I see happening: GPGPUs blur the CPU/GPU...


Supporting Our Veterans: It’s Personal

GE is respected worldwide for the quality of its business leaders. In fact, Aon Hewitt, the global human resources and consulting company, ranked GE first on its annual Global Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders list . We are a little obsessed with this whole leadership thing. It’s ingrained in the very DNA of the company: we seek to find the best talent, to nurture and develop the world’s best leaders. There is another “organization” out there...


Show Me the Cable: Why Product Flexibility Provides Customer Solutions

When it comes to network devices, there are many factors that can affect a customer’s decision. Customers normally want the latest, fastest, most sophisticated LAN technology, but they are sometimes constrained by things which are not obvious. This means that suppliers who are flexible and able to accommodate unusual requests can be in a strong position. With our range of NETernity switches, we provide a lot of that ability to handle the “corner...


Big Data: A Force for Good...or Evil?

We hear a lot about “Big Data” today. The idea of capturing enormous bodies of data and then analyzing that data is heralded for its potential to understand the cosmos, cure disease, provide safety for our citizens and save the environment… For all its promise, though, there are as many voices that decry it as the very end of privacy, liberty and security. What we have are two enormous and very polarizing viewpoints about Big Data in modern...


Modern Military

RM&D: Making “House” Calls in the Modern Military

On the TV show “House,” the brilliant Dr. House attracts patients from all over the world who come to seek out his unique problem-solving and diagnostic capabilities. Only the patients with the most difficult-to-diagnose conditions come through his door, whether it’s a rare genetic disorder or a combination of illnesses that present as one mega-syndrome. But House can use his brilliant mind and decades of experience to solve the mystery. Given...


What Gets Measured Gets Done

Having understandable data that delivers productive outcomes helps drive internal culture change. As Edward Youdell explains, using data is not new to manufacturing. But companies can better use information to look at their processes in a new way; data can help them think through the solutions. He believes that while technology is the platform, it's the tools that help identify where to make incremental improvements. Watch the video to learn...


How’s My Business Analogous with Modern Cars?

If you’re wondering, “Is it worth it to embark on the Industrial Internet journey?” just hear Rich Carpenter’s perspective on the transformation that cars in the automotive industry have undergone because of connectivity with the Internet—from self-braking to navigation to entertainment, and more. This same transformation is happening across all industries, enabling you to offer more services for your customers, and he highlights why you’ve got...


Minimize Security Risks on Your Plant Floor

Cyber security is a risk for everyone. Bernard Cubizolles talks about why we need to look at the entire application as part of a bigger security strategy. Hear recommendations on how to better protect your system, including the benefits of migrating legacy system architectures and leveraging newer safer technologies. Watch the video to learn more.


Is Your iPad Keeping You Warm At Night?

Engineers love their tech toys. In fact, those smartphones and tablets are so great they get a premium spot right beside the bed on the nightstand. It’s the last thing we touch at night and the first thing we look at in the morning. Many of us use these devices as an alarm clock. But, for people whose day job can creep into the night-time hours, they offer much more—including a better night’s sleep. With your iPad® and the Industrial Internet...


Demand for Assets That Work Better

Assets that work better lead to maximized productivity and value. And end customers want OEMs to provide more services to enable better asset performance. Hear Steve Pavlosky discuss how data about your assets is critical to drive faster responsiveness and understanding. Learn how businesses can leverage the power of the Industrial Internet with GE’s Equipment Insight solution. Watch the video to learn more.


Wake Up as a Software and Services Company

We’ve all heard it by now: “If you went to bed an industrial company, you’re going to wake up a software and services company.” Rich Carpenter couldn’t agree more. Today’s manufacturers and operators face more software-intensive challenges every day. They’re forced to go far beyond the individual asset mechanics into the realm of big data analytics, and Rich has critical insights that can help. Watch the video and share your challenges below.


Installing an IoT Home Automation System: Don't Make My Mistakes

In my past blogs, I have shared with you my experiences in moving my home data into the cloud and installing my first IoT thermostat. Over Christmas, I decided to install a full integrated home automation system. Here is what I learned; I hope it makes your journey easier. 1. Ease of use trumps price The first mistake I made was assuming all home automation systems are equal and bought on price. The Skylink home system I chose I did manage to...


Recruiting into the Innovative Field of Manufacturing

There are a lot of baby boomers retiring every day and manufacturers are losing their most experienced workers. So how can we replace these people and what does today's worker look like? Edward Youdell, president and CEO at Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International , shares his insights on why manufacturers need to step up to the challenge of recruiting the best and brightest people into the highly innovative field of...